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I’ve been sexually harassed, I’ve had a water bottle thrown at me, I’ve been driven off the road, I’ve been hit, I’ve been door’d, I’ve been cut off and this past weekend, I can add that my life was threatened-verbally.  I was riding east on Gay St. with a friend.  Gay St. is a two-way street; one travel lane in each direction and I maintained my lane.  A pick-up truck behind me was revving his engine; speeding up and slowing down to get my attention and probably to get me to move to the right but I had no intention b/c I had every right to maintain the lane.  At the red light, he sped up beside me, proceeded to spit on me and said I should ‘share the fucking road.’  I said, ‘how do I do that, I am legally allowed to take this ONLY lane?!’  He continued to be antagonistic, wanting me to ‘hit’ him.  I said, ‘I’m not going to hit you.’  He said, ‘I’ll end your life, you white bitch.’

A few more words were exchanged, the light turned green and since he was finally ahead of me, he was able to again maintain his driving cadence of 25 mph as oppose to my 15 mph.

I got home and couldn’t shake this particular instance.  I’ve had ppl intimidate me with their cars and I’ve never had anyone verbally threaten that they’d end my life.’  I rang a friend of mine who really helped me put this situation into perspective.  I could have handled the situation differently and I was beating myself up for it.  But, my friend told me that that person was my teacher – teaching me how I can improve myself the next time b/c there WILL,  inevitably be a next time.  Thank you, JLa.

I’ve written a ‘Will’ in case I die and its b/c I ride a bike.  How many drivers have written a ‘Will’ b/c they drive a car?  I bet I could gamble and say ‘not a whole lot.’  I constantly think and obsess over WHY, we are in such hurries that when we are slowed down, it infuriates us.  Why, as drivers, when we are slowed down, we have such anger and violence within us that we want to kill, intimidate, drive off the road, spit and harass.  How did we become so disconnected with each other and we don’t see the ‘human being’ component.

I am a daughter, a twin sister, an aunt, a cousin, a best friend, a human being.  When did we as human beings become so transparent that our destinations became more important than the safety of human life?  You’re wanting to END MY LIFE b/c I slowed you down for less than two minutes?  Let’s take a moment and really digest that sentence b/c that’s what I deal with on a regular basis.

Why is it drivers have more patience for school buses or public transportation buses when they make frequent stops yet they are ready to cut off and /or harass a person on a bicycle?  What is the difference?  The operator in any of these mode of transport is still a human being so why the fortitude with one and not the other?

Our streets began with people owning the streets – not cars.  Now, driving has become such a part of our DNA that this sense of entitlement and ownership has taken over our streets and our neighborhoods to where people will kill over it.

I’m willing to die in order to change this mentality.  I have been brought up to be a leader, not a follower.  Streets are suppose to be mini theaters- acting out life experiences and this can’t happen when cars control streets.  Families should want to take their kids on walks after dinner.  Families should want to sit on their front porch or stoop and talk to neighbors about how ridiculous ‘Honey Boo-Boo’ really is.  Nobody wants to do this when their front yards are three lanes wide and cars speeding at 40 mph.

I look forward to the day when we realize that some congestion isn’t always a bad thing and that life WILL NOT END if you have to slow down.  I look forward to the day when more people see change as a good thing and not fear it and react recklessly.




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So, finally the clouds parted – the sun was shining and the temperature wasn’t bone chilling.  This past Saturday was our winter Tweed ride  which was a fantastic success.  I’m guessing there were close to forty riders eagerly wanting to get back on their bikes.  Prior to the Tweed ride, I hadn’t ridden my bike in five days b/c of the ice still coating the side streets of where I live.

Beginning at Cup o’ Joe in the Short North we then hit off to Franklinton Cycle Works.  We hung out, I took more photos, and had coffee and fruit that was donated by Green Bean Delivery.  On to German Village we rode.  Every Tweed ride, we have a group photo at Schiller Park.  This group photo was one of my favorites taken b/c of the snow covered grounds.  It set a nice tone to our ride and of course, the picture.

Thanks to everyone who joined in on the ride.  I think everyone had a wonderful time.  One of the things I absolutely love about bikes and social bike rides is how it brings people together and how it creates friendships.  I notice that immediately and it puts a smile on my face.

Another Tweed ride will happen in the Spring so stay tuned.  Enjoy the photos

Be safe and keep riding.

photo (4)


photo (7)


tweed winter 2


tweed winter 3


tweed winter 6


tweed winter 4


tweed winter 5

photo (43)


photo (25)


photo (28)


photo (29)


photo (52)


photo (46)


photo (48)


photo (51)

photo (53)

tweed winter 7

photo (54)


Tweed winter

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Our Annual and successful Tweed Ride Columbus ended with a bang.  It was actually a lot hotter than everyone expected.  With Columbus weather, I guess you never know what the hell to expect from March – June!  It was a glorious day.  I, unfortunately had to miss most of Tweed due to unexpected apt. troubles however, I did show up at the end and with so many people loving the Tweed Ride, it kind of pulls off by itself now, which is great!  Here are some wonderful pics that my dear friend Mary Rathke took.  Thank you to ‘Tip Top’ for treating us kindly!

Enjoy and keep riding!

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Sorry about my lack of recent blog posts.  I’m the Safe Routes to School Coordinator here in Columbus and I’ve been extremely busy walking/biking kids to school.  Setting up police presentations as well as end of the year bicycle rodeos in all the schools.  So, until the very end of May, if you haven’t heard from me… this is why 🙂

This Sunday is our Tweed Ride Columbus.  It will be our third tweed ride and people are stoked.  The weather looks to be glorious for us.  We will meet up at the corner of Goodale Park and we’ll begin our jaunt, doing a slow and leisure three mile ride.  We will pull over at Schiller Park for our usual group photo and the hop back on and end at The Jury Room for tweed appropriate cocktails.

Get those mustaches, knickers, and monocles ready!  If there are new folks joining which there are, here are some photos of other city Tweed Rides to show you how folks are dressing:

Keep Riding!

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More and more women are showing off their femininity when riding their bikes rather than the racer perspective.   We need more and more of that.

My friend Will took some really chic photos of his wife and neighbor riding this past weekend.  Thanks, Will.

Nothing like riding the new Main St. Bridge with the city as the backdrop.

I don’t know this woman however, she’s beautiful and so is her gorgeous, accessorized bicycle…that I want badly!  You can’t tell me that if more women dressed this way, the stigma of ‘sweat’ and ‘recreation’ would be drop off at the waist side and ‘feminine’ and ‘acceptance’ WOULD finally happen.  More and more women here are riding and dressing for their destination which is what we need to continue to reinforce.  I hope this woman joins my newly formed ‘Two Wheels n Heels’ riding group that’s just been expanded from Cleveland 🙂  More to come on that.

More pics of this beautiful woman and her bicycle:

Seriously, when you see a bicycle like this – how do you NOT want to ride??  She needs to join the Tweed Ride Columbus coming up May 6th!

The man and woman above, I spotted them, well their bikes from five blocks down and we all ended up riding around the Topiary Gardens off of Town St.  I stopped them and obviously drooled over their bicycles which have been shipped from the Netherlands (obvious).  I told them about the Tweed Ride Columbus coming up May 6th and I really hope they’re able to join.  I’d love to officially meet with them and talk more.

The upright bicycles really show off style over speed which is what the Slow Bicycle Movement is all about.  Enjoying the journey and looking good, too!

Keep riding!

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Myself and my two fellow comrades, Emily and Andrew have been slowly organizing what is looking to turn out to be an awesome Holiday Ride.  We want this first Holiday Festivus Ride to be a smashing success so that it becomes ‘THE’ Annual Holiday Ride that everyone looks forward to.  Local neighborhood bar and bicycling magnet – Hal n Als, eagerly accepted my proposal of being the destination where we will have our ‘Airing of the grievances’ followed by ‘Feats of Strength’ and copious amounts of drinking merriment.

We are encouraging all participants to bring a couple canned goods and/or a jar of peanut butter.  All of the goods will be donated to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.  This will be a wacky and ridiculous experience not to be missed.

Accept the challenge by going to Facebook and typing in ‘Columbus Festivus Ride.’











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Photo taken by Ulises Cruz from our most recent Tweed Ride.  This is what women look like on bicycles.    Imagine this photo with 30 more women on bicycles!  We ARE the influential factor of bicycling.  I want photos like these with more and more ladies and smiles.  It WILL happen.


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