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The weather for our ride was perfect, the evening of our Halloween Ride.  And to make it complete, my pals from Paradise Garage let me use their awesome Surly to which we strapped a wireless amp to the front and we jammed to music through the streets of Columbus.  Below are just a few of the incredible images that the amazing Jennifer Grimm took of our evening.  Our costume theme was simple:  black skirts and fun, crazy tights!  The girls had a blast and now I’m hooked on having music on every ride 🙂

Keep riding and be safe.

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To all you ladies out there – we WILL be riding Oct.30th.  A handful of women asked if we were having a ride on Halloween and the answer is … YES!

The ride will begin at the usual time – 6pm and we’ll meet, once again at Paradise Garage.  They have parking for all you folks that drive with your bike in tow.  Hopefully the weather will be absolutely perfect for us (fingers crossed).

I’d like for us to come up with a group costume for this ride.  How fun would it be to have 40-50 women dressed up in some fun, creative costume for ALL kinds of people to see???  So, put on your thinking caps and ‘comment’ on this blog, your group costume idea.  I have also put this same little contest up on fb and the group costume will be announced on Oct.13th.  This will give enough time for costume preparations.  Please make sure the costume idea isn’t too costly.

We’ll probably just do a fun ride along High St. and a couple of the adjacent neighborhoods.  I also think it would be fun for participants to bring bags of candy where we can also toss out candy to random walkers along our route 🙂

If you have any questions, please send me an email.  If not, start thinking creatively and post your ideas below this blog:)

I’ve thrown out the group costume – A HERD OF SHEEP 🙂

Be safe and keep riding.

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This past Saturday was meant for Bicycling!  The bi-annual M2M Ride was a Halloween themed success!  Not to mention, it was absolutely a gorgeous fall morning.  Here are photos I captured throughout the ride, at different points.

Bicycle riders came out in drones and I’ll even admit, with some of the photos I took, it looked like we were actually a bicycling city!  It made me giddy.


‘I’ll get you my pretty.’

This was my final photo of shooting the ride.  So many bicyclists… so many smiles, how can you not WANT to ride a bike.

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