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I have been BUSY has hell organizing my Safe Routes to School program that’s about to kick-off in a couple weeks.  Here are few fun blog worthy photos I thought I’d share.

It’s going to be 67 out today.  It’s 8:58am and I am already antsy to go outside and play.  Work first, that’s what I keep reiterating to myself.  Enjoy the weather today.  Ride a bike!  Take a walk.  Go out and run.  Just BE OUTSIDE!

Keep riding.

A cold and windy Sat filming but we still had an impressive AND gender-balanced turnout 🙂

Just thought this was a pretty photo.  All kinds of bikes leaning up against a classic ticket booth Ohio Theater

One of the Bicentennial Events was a ‘Trending Now’ Fashion Show.  This was pre-fashion show and Brutus was very eager to try out our Bike Share Bike.  He totally rocks it, eh?

That’s me and a ‘to be’ Bike Share bike.  Come on, Columbus!!!  Jody is behind me with her folding bike – ‘Foldie Hawn’

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