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Was on the bus yesterday and saw this.  Found it humorous so I thought I’d share.

photo (1)

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This past Monday ‘Bike OSU’ held a fantastic shin-dig at the Ohio Student Union.  Tons of folks showed up to get their ‘bike on’  and get information about the new’ Mobile Bike Repair’ clinic as well as bicycle tours and much more.  New 2012 maps were given out to folks to check out best routes for your ride, Paradise Garage was checking out easy-repairs.  There were folks for mountain biking, polo bikes, and of course – if you didn’t notice Ohio Energy Bikes was there providing the power to the tunes being spun by Charles Erikson.  It was a great success for everyone involved and just to see the amount of bike riders, new and old was a sight to see.

School just started for OSU and I’ve biked around and all ready noticed that there are more bikes on campus than there are places for the students to lock them up.   I look forward to OSU continuing to move forward in their Bike-Friendly University state of mind and make that campus one of the most prized walking and bike friendly campuses in the nation.

For more info on Bike OSU, the new Mobile Bike Repair as well as the brand new OSU Bike Co-op, click this:  http://bikeosu.weebly.com/


Be safe and keep riding!




my friend josh (seen above) loathes the idea of people who ‘sell out.’


Bike OSU’s newly Mobile Bike Repair


Alex.  The man with plan.  And… the tickets.


Ohio Energy Project had three bikes where folks would hop on and supply the power to keep the music going.


The racks are literally like this everywhere on campus.  Beautiful sight



Julian (purple tie) is also one of the leaders of Bike OSU.  The gentleman in the middle, he pretty much peddled the entire time I was there.  Kurt, on the far bike – Ohio Energy Project is his job.  He rocks it!






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Not only do you travel better, you feel better by bicycle.  At least I do.  There’s definitely been a noticeable increase in bicycle ridership since I’ve begun this blog.  It makes me happy.  I look forward to seeing that ridership number continue to increase.  Ahh, imagine the day where a cycletrack is put down the center of High St.  Bikers, cars, and pedestrians all happily going about their way.

A girl can dream can’t she?


In the meantime, I’ll continue shooting our ever increasing and diverse group of riders here








P.S.  Today is also the kick-off for BIKE OSU.  6pm Oho Union.  There’s lot of bike stuff happening so go support and check out how you can help make campus a safe and fun place to ride.  Congrats to continued efforts of How We Roll and the new OSU Bike Co-op and Mobile Bike Clinic.  I’ve been waiting for a mobile clinic to open up for almost two years now 🙂

Be safe and keep riding.


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I met my sis down near campus for a bit today.  A good friend of ours was recently in a house fire and we went to visit him.  He’s doing better everyday but has a long recovery a head of him.  As I was waiting for my sis, I found a few bike riders enjoying the awesome warmth out, heading to/from class or maybe from clinicals.

I’ve also been taking photos of the gasoline increase.  Here is today’s price right by my apt:

I am really just in awe of how this keeps getting worse and worse.  I know there are a lot of people who don’t have access to a bus or can’t bike to work but if they’re home and need to run an errand that’s a mile or so away, I’m hoping they’ll think twice about getting in the car for such a small distance.

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It’s gorgeous out.  I hope that many of you this morning took an extra few minutes to enjoy the sun rising while you were on your bicycle or by foot.  I can’t wait til my apt. windows are open and warm breezes once again sweep over me.  I can’t wait til I no longer have the winter comforter with an added quilt on top removed and I only sleep with a sheet.

Soak it up b/c its the weather is suppose to be bullocks by mid-week!

There were LOTS of lovely slow bicycle riders out and about this morning.  They were heading south, I was heading north.  There’s a surge happening and it’s gonna explode when the weather is fair for those fair weather’d riders (tongue twister??).

To More Bicycles.

…old school shifter on the down tube.

I love taking photos of riders from behind.  I’m gonna put together a photo shoot specifically designated for these types of shots 🙂

He was fist pumpin himself b/c of his fancy riding with no hands technique.  Well done, sir!

Responsible rider appears to be stopped – looking left, right, then left again.

Big bikes.  Small bikes.  I don’t care 🙂

I’d love to say that this was a Professor riding to his classes but I’m not sure.


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Some lovely photos of bicycle riders this morning, heading to classes I’m guessing.  I missed a few riders in the downtown area but oh well.  I believe it’s going to be a pretty mild weekend so enjoy it!  Hop on your bike, head to the Audubon or tonight at the Columbus Museum of Art, they are hosting Game Show this evening, should be a good time especially if Hostess with the Mostess – Susie Starliner is on mic!  She rocks the house and I may even have a little crush on her.

Keep riding and making our streets VIBRANT!


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If Columbus’ winter maintained a consistent 55+ degree winter, I would NOT complain nearly as much as I do about winters here.  I have circulation issues with my extremities in the winter.  My toes are constantly number and certain fingers are colder than others.  I have self-diagnosed this issue as raynaud’s syndrome – which is a constriction/circulation issue of the extremities.  However, last Friday was a great day.  It was super sunny and lots of people were out – layered up and riding their bikes.  Thank you Global Warming for the mild temps we’ve been having… keep it up.

Keep riding!


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Two days ago, it was 71 degrees.  Today is probably 40ish.  I think it’s safe to say that those warm-ER days are behind us.  As much as I loathe to admit this b/c I am NOT a fan of winter, I need to face the facts.  So, two days ago, I woke up super early and started my day, super early with the intentions of leaving to take photos of the seasonal bicycle riders around town.

The one thing that constantly bums me out are the amount of bicycle riders, riding on the sidewalk.  How can we change this?  I imagine all time, the idea that if these riders were bike riding on the roads, the impact would show.  Do they even know how important it is to use the roads.  Do they even know that their able to ride in the roads??  How do we empower and give them the confidence needed to ride on the roads instead of the sidewalk?  This is something that always racks my brain.

red on red:

chewing action shot

the simple pleasures of the bicycle:

Riding topless:

Anyone who knows me knows that I do not discriminate when it comes to ALL forms of moving about (sans Petro).  I was happy to catch these lovely ladies enjoying the weather and good conversation while rollin’ through campus:

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Felt it important enough to share the first of a bunch of covered bike parking shelters that will be installed through out Columbus.  There will be 10 that look just like these and another 10 that will have greenery on top of the roof.  Another step in the right direction.  Let’s keep making bicycling visible to ALL:

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Yesterday, aside from my crazy schedule of events, it was imperative for me to spend time basking in the glorious sun.  I don’t know about many of you but the sun has SUCH an affect on me, mentally and physically.  The next handful of days are suppose to be absolutely glorious and it is my plan to spend as MUCH time outside as humanly possible.  These beautiful bicycle riders appeared to be having the same thoughts.  Yesterday, there was a blast of bikes on the roads and it made me smile ear to ear.


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