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Our Annual and successful Tweed Ride Columbus ended with a bang.  It was actually a lot hotter than everyone expected.  With Columbus weather, I guess you never know what the hell to expect from March – June!  It was a glorious day.  I, unfortunately had to miss most of Tweed due to unexpected apt. troubles however, I did show up at the end and with so many people loving the Tweed Ride, it kind of pulls off by itself now, which is great!  Here are some wonderful pics that my dear friend Mary Rathke took.  Thank you to ‘Tip Top’ for treating us kindly!

Enjoy and keep riding!

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So yesterday was a good day to be on my bike.  Well, every day is a good day (unless its super cold and my toes and fingers go numb) but I captured random things happening on the bicycle as you’ll see below.  Hope you all enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL sunny day we had yesterday.  I finished my Safe Routes to School at Sullivant Elem. and then sun bathed over at Scioto Mile until my 5pm meeting.

This lady was commuting down Front:

Lockin up during the wind storm!

Enjoying the Mile:

Looking at these bike riders, I was going for getting the depth of the rider in the background as the two riders were resting in the foreground.

This rider was rockin’!  Talk about towin’ your bike…  while riding a bike!  AND he managed to give me a thumbs up!  Impressive to say the least! 🙂

How awesome is this photo below?  I was literally riding down Rich St. and I caught this guy proposing to his g/f.  I was meant to capture this b/c as you can see there is a ROCKIN’ tandem in the background.  Totally meant to be!  I hope they’re very happy.

Some good captured moments in the city via two-wheels.

Keep riding!

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Yesterday was our bi-annual Tweed Ride Columbus.  Wind gusts were between 15-30mph however, that didn’t stop 30 of us dashing Tweed fans to hop on our bicycles and enjoy a 9 mile route throughout Columbus.  It was a perfect Fall afternoon as we rode through four unique neighborhoods (Short North, Downtown, Old Town East and German Village).  We ended our ride at the very fitting, Brothers Drake Meadery and indulged in some locally made Mead.

Be on the lookout for up and coming information about our Holiday Festivus Ride – it’s gonna be wacky!


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I was finishing up my daily workout in the park when I saw this happening!  It was meant to be seeing as how they rode off on this beautiful tandem!  This is definitely one of the requirements should I find the right woman 🙂

These two were so adorable and as you can see in the close-up of the beautiful bride, she was smiling ear to ear.

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