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Evenings like last night made me thankful I live in this city.  Well over sixty bikers ranging of all backgrounds and riding levels, met up at Paradise Garage to partake in a summer series of sprint races, started up by friend and fellow bike lover – Andy Willis.

When we all got to the destination, I just took a moment and looked all around at all the beautiful people, dusk moving over the city like it was our personal background for this event and the happiness that summer puts on people’s faces.

Brackets of men and women are randomly selected and it dwindles down to the fastest man and woman and holy hell – there were some ridiculously fast riders.  I happily lost immediately.  It was exhilarating to say the least.  You stay in one gear and pedal like holy hell.  I took up residence at the finish line and began to photo the evening.  I eventually stopped ‘trying’ to take motion shots w/ my camera b/c I kept missing the damn riders as they zoomed passed me at warp speed.

Keep riding!

A bit blurry but that’s Julian – the music man!

Emily – our ‘Vanna White’ of the evening 🙂

This is Cherie.  She kicked my ass 🙂

The night couldn’t have been better if I ordered it.

The crowd swelled at the finish line awaiting the final round.


Andy and Lauren.  Lauren’s so fast that even at standstill she’s blurry ❤

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