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This past Wednesday, our monthly ‘2 Wheels & Heels’ ride took place.  We met up at the fantastic Brother’s Drake Meadery where if you haven’t been – get your arse there and they just built a patio equipped with nicely, welded bike racks.  They are ‘everything’ bikes over there and some of the most amazing and inspiring people that I’m happy to call friends.

THIRTY women showed up, dressed in the everyday comforts from their closet.  I met so many new and lovely women that my heart was over-flowing.  We rode a little over seven miles and next months route, we’ll push to ten.  Olivera from Wholly Craft graciously donated a gift card to one lucky lady – ‘thank you, Olivera.’  I’m thinking Pattycake Bakery was a big highlight.  Three of the lady riders currently work for Pattycake and when we showed up, they had the most adorable ‘heels and wheels’ shaped and decorated cookies, EVER!  Once we got our sugar, we rode through the beautiful neighborhoods in Clintonville and eventually ended back at Brother’s Drake.

‘This ride gives me the confidence to get out on the roads more and ride.’  That was a quote from a woman who couldn’t stop thanking me.  It was humbled.  ‘I’ve been waiting for a group ride like this.’   That was another comment.  Aside from the amazing vision of bicycling ahead and then stopping, turning around and looking at thirty beautiful women riding behind me, the best part of the evening was the non-stop smiling.  As you’ll see from the pictures below, women were smiling and laughing and  giving high-fives the whole time.

This ride isn’t just about the clothing, although the continued reinforcement that clothing shouldn’t be such a barrier in the manner that it has become here in America does help.  If we continue to address that riding a bike can be as normal as getting in your car then the decision of ‘choosing’ to use your bike will become less and less of a thought out process and more of a growing habit.  This ride opens up conversations about proper and safe riding.  Being an LCI, I encourage these women to ask questions about their uncertainties when riding.  I plan on showing them basic mechanics of their bikes, certain information to obtain should an accident ever happen, commuting tips and techniques and much more.  Knowledge is power and that leads to confidence when riding.

Also, as of this passed week, this group has now expanded to seven cities total:  Cleveland, Columbus, Austin, Chicago, Minneapolis, Colorado Springs, and Victoria, B.C.

For anyone reading this who doesn’t have a Facebook account, I’ll keep you up to date with the upcoming ‘2 Wheels & Heels’ rides via this blog, or you can email me at the contact email I put in the ‘About’ section of my blog.

To all the ladies from this past Wednesdays ride – YOU ROCK!

Keep riding.

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Evenings like last night made me thankful I live in this city.  Well over sixty bikers ranging of all backgrounds and riding levels, met up at Paradise Garage to partake in a summer series of sprint races, started up by friend and fellow bike lover – Andy Willis.

When we all got to the destination, I just took a moment and looked all around at all the beautiful people, dusk moving over the city like it was our personal background for this event and the happiness that summer puts on people’s faces.

Brackets of men and women are randomly selected and it dwindles down to the fastest man and woman and holy hell – there were some ridiculously fast riders.  I happily lost immediately.  It was exhilarating to say the least.  You stay in one gear and pedal like holy hell.  I took up residence at the finish line and began to photo the evening.  I eventually stopped ‘trying’ to take motion shots w/ my camera b/c I kept missing the damn riders as they zoomed passed me at warp speed.

Keep riding!

A bit blurry but that’s Julian – the music man!

Emily – our ‘Vanna White’ of the evening 🙂

This is Cherie.  She kicked my ass 🙂

The night couldn’t have been better if I ordered it.

The crowd swelled at the finish line awaiting the final round.


Andy and Lauren.  Lauren’s so fast that even at standstill she’s blurry ❤

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I’ve been listening to the new Feist album hence today’s post title.  I’m headed to see her here in June at the Wex Center – WOOT!

So, if any of you don’t know I work a few nights a week in the production kitchen of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams.  I’ve been working for this little powerhouse for about two years now.  I would say that I’m a walking Jeni’s advertisement.  I love what the company stands for.  I love how the employees are so passionate about the product and I’ll end it with, I love how Jeni’s is a bicycle enthused company.  So many workers ride bikes that most of the time (even during the winter months) the bike racks at the production kitchen are filled.  Now that Spring has begun those bike racks are beyond filled and folks are locking their bikes up to trees and anything else stationary.  We’ve ordered close to a dozen more bicycle racks and I’ll be excited once they are in and installed 🙂  In the meantime, I’ve recently been obsessed with spoke cards.  I feel like this is an un-tapped area where businesses (bicycle friendly) can market themselves on the cheap.  I made (4) of these spoke cards for my bikes and I love them:

How cute are they!

Here’s the Jeni’s spoke card in action.  Plus, do you see the other ‘Betty on a Bike’  in the background?  She’s one of my favs.

Now, on to the gents I captured yesterday evening.  I was heading into Barrel 44 from the production kitchen.  There were a crap ton of riders out but I was only able to catch these three:

This rider clearly looks like he just finished a workout.  He’s jamming to some band.


Yesterday, I stopped at the store and bought a few bunches of flowers and they were peeking out of my bookbag kinda like whatever was peeking out of this guys bag.

This rider was very focused on where ever he was headed.  Lovely bike and I’m sure he kept warm with that beard.

Happy Easter or Passover

Keep riding!

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