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I’ve been on pretty much a three week ‘tour’ on the west coast.  I began with an awful travel trip to San Francisco (which I plan on writing SWA and letting them know).  Then, after a week out there, I flew to Long Beach where I had the most incredible and mentally stimulating 8 days I’ve had in years.

It began with a kick ass retreat with Alliance of Biking & Walking.  Advocates from all over the U.S. and even Alaska were at this retreat to talk about ”how do we make biking and walking’ priority numero UNO.  There are some amazing people doing amazing, incredible things around the nation.  I have been so lucky to meet a lot of these folks and get to know them to where now I can reach out and bounce ideas off of them.

We also held a Women’s Caucus at the retreat which was super empowering.  As many of you know, I have been devoting much of my time to empowering more women to ride their bikes.  I’m happy to state as well that I have been organizing my program which I have received funding for.  It will be a non-competitive girls bicycling empowerment program and I’m calling it, ‘Girls in Gear.’  I am still working with some folks regarding logo design however, I have finished the curriculum and everyone that I’ve mentioned this to is SUPER excited about.  I LOVE talking about it.  My goal is for this empowerment program to be a template for other cities to mold to what they are attaining for.  I plan to present at the next 2014 Pro Walk / Pro Bike Conference with the successes of this program.  I was also informed that in Feb. 2013, there is the Youth Bicycle Summit held in NYC which I’d love to attend 🙂

After the Alliance retreat was the Pro Walk / Pro Bike Conference which close to 900 Advocates, Planners, Engineers, etc. attended this conference to hear about best practices being applied all over the U.S.  Keynote speakers ranged from Fred Kent – the Principal of ‘Projects for Public Spaces’ and I got to meet him.  I tell you, it was like meeting a celebrity.  Other speakers such as councilwoman Suja Lowenthal (councilwoman for L.B.) was super inspiring and should I seriously consider running for City Council, I’m ringing her up for advice.  She.  Gets.  Shit.  Done.  Also, Mikael Coville-Anderson spoke.  What can I say about this character.  Well, he’s a tease b/c we were suppose to have whiskey together but I guess he couldn’t handle it (or me :)).  I can be content with the Thursday evening.  Great public speaker and energizing.

Finally, after non-stop of a good 11 days, I finally made it down to San Diego where I have totally decompressed.  I have biked with my friends, spent time at the beach, surfed and just calmed both my mind and my body.  It’s been a pleasure.

In Ocean Beach yesterday while I was sitting at Pizza Port, there were SO MANY bike riders in this neighborhood.  This is the neighborhood that I’d live in if I move to San Diego.  What was great about these riders is is that all their bikes were salt-rusted from the ocean air and they were literally transportation tools for people.  You didn’t see fancy bikes and if you did, THEY were the ones out of place.  Cruisers galore around this laid back neighborhood.

The pictures speak for themselves.  We need to look at our bicycles as ‘tools.’  People ask me often what ‘type’ of bike they should buy.  I tell them certain specifics like fit and reach but other details like aesthetics and brand, who cares.  I’d say, if you find one at a garage sale, even better.  You don’t need fancy.  Personally, the older, the better in terms of character.

I’m headed back to Cbus tomorrow and I’m not sure how I feel about it 🙂  I’m excited but also sad at the same time.

Be safe and keep riding!


bikes locked up everywhere in the sand


it was fantastic seeing groups of kids riding their bikes… IN THE ROADS 🙂







You know you’re in San Diego when you have this beautiful view



Those are backpack chairs.. for the beach.  ❤

Only in San Diego…



When you can casually check your cell phone while riding your bike, you know life is leisure.  Traffic appeared very patient and that’s what I loved as well.  Everyone seemed to get along (walkers, skateboarders, bikers, drivers, uni-cyclists, etc.)

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One of my dear friends resides in San Diego and she reminds me of it about everyday with her pictures she sends me.  I told her that she lives the life that I eventually want to live.  She’s a prominent coffee roaster making a wonderful name for herself.  She has a cute motorcycle.  She surfs when she has spare time.  She rock climbs when she has spare time.  She loves to camp.  And lastly, she loves her bicycle.  Her original Cannondale was stolen some time ago and remarkably, she found the same frame and slowly built her bike up again. If any of you have ever had a crash on your bike, had your bike stolen, etc.  When there is a complete physical change to your bicycle, it takes time to settle into b/c ‘its just not the same.’  But, I think my friend is slowly getting re-acquainted with her new friend.

Here is a photo she sent me that sums up a day in SD.  Aside from the coffee roasting, I hope to get back to Cali and live a similar and simple life as she.

Keep riding.

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