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Well, not really.   Columbus really doesn’t have ‘hills’ in my opinion.  I mean when people call that ‘dip’ going North on High St. near Nationwide, that kinda makes me giggle just b/c I began biking in San Francisco.

Anywho, last Friday our afternoon work day consisted of filming.  We’ve been filming short education videos for online viewing pleasures.  We hit up The Olentangy Trail and oh, my – it was a glorious, bicycle-filled afternoon on the trail.  Now, ya’ll know that I’m WAY MORE into capturing ‘everyday’ outfits and the idea that there’s no need to change when getting on your bike and going from point A to point B but it was just so great to see that each year, more and more folks are dusting off their bikes and using them.

Enjoy your Monday and I hope none of you (including myself) fall off your bikes with the sudden burst of tornado-esque winds we’ve been having.

Keep riding!

I saw this woman and snapped her b/c I love how I’m seeing more and more folks use their bikes in a ‘ultilitarian’ manner – just like the Europeans.  The more that this is witnessed by others, the more it reinforces that the bicycle can be used for so many things.

I’m also seeing more and more older riders and that makes me very happy.  I’m seeing more of them ride in my neighborhood.  A niche I think that needs some attention – like those High Schoolers who are about to get their licenses!

Little ‘off-road’ action

Here’s some of the crew that was part of filming.  Thanks, ya’ll!


And of course I saved the best for last!  Adorbs!


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