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This Saturday,  the 2nd Annual ‘OWBS’ will take place at the awesome Strongwater Food & Spirits event space.  Two years ago, I was at a bike advocate conference in Long Beach.  At this conference we held a ‘Women’s Forum’ discussing ways in which we can engage more women in the U.S. and Canada to ride bikes.  Currently, women commuting on bikes only make up just over 25%.  Some women feel intimidated b/c they rarely see others ‘like them’ riding.  Some may want to ride but they aren’t sure where or how to begin.  Some want to be educated more.  Some fear of being harrassed.  This list can go on.  So, during this ‘Women’s Forum’ in Long Beach, we all started to shout out our goals once we’d return to our home base.  My pledge, ‘I will organize the first statewide ‘Ohio Women’s Bicycling Summit’ in 2013!’  With some help from co-organizers Jeannie and Mimi, we made this happen.  Over 70 women from around Ohio (and two from Indiana) and nine presenters attended and presented at the ‘Ohio Women’s Bicycling Summit.’

In my opinion, it was very well received.  We got great feedback to where this Saturdays’ Summit, all of the topics are based upon what the attendees wanted to hear more about or become more educated in.  I worked extremely hard of the financial sponsors for this years Summit.  We have over 14 sponsors who believe in our mission and understand that when more women ride, the ripple effect of kids, families as a whole, happens.  This Summit does not exclude men.  Men are more than welcome to join us (we have a gentleman speaker) this Saturday, however, it is women-specific.  Why?  Because there is still a disparity out there.  There are still many women who better identify when hearing similar experiences…from a woman instead of a man.  You don’t hear very often men being sexually harrassed while riding their bike or that some women have unfortunately been the victim of men actually driving by and touching them and slapping them.  These are two examples I’ve just recentlly heard.

This past Saturday, myself and fellow bicycle enthusiast Marjorie Shavers were asked to speak at Bike Indy’s Summit.  Our topic:  Engaging Women.  We had a wonderful discussion and what I really appreciated was how many men stayed and were actively involved in this particular topic.  Men from the bike shop world to engineers to husbands and fathers.  They understand the importance of having more women be seen riding bikes and what that says about your city.

Do I want more people to ride, collectively?  Heck yes!  I know what riding a bike does to one’s life.  Do I want a platform for women to come together to hear about best practices, hear stories, meet others with similar situations – absolutely.  Women empower one another.  There’s a ripple effect that happens when women build upon each other’s strengths and experiences.  If you’re interested in joining us at the 2nd Annual ‘Ohio Women’s Bicycling Summit,’ you can register here: http://bikecleveland.memberlodge.org/events.  Consider biking has partnered with BikeCleveland this year for our registration so don’t get confused with the link 🙂  Thank you, BikeCleveland!

Quick details:  2nd Annual ‘OWBS’ Saturday, May 3; on-sitre registration and mingle 8am-9am.  Summit begins 9a-5p with post-celebratory libations to be had.

Location:  Strongwater Food & Spirits event space.  401 W. Town St. Columbus, Ohio  Find us on Facebook at:  facebook.com/ohiowomensbicyclingsummit

Summit details on topics and speaker bios can be found on the Facebook page as well as: http://www.considerbiking.org

Here a couple pics from last year’s Summit:

lisa and tammyThese two ladies:  Lisa Hinson and Tammy Krings are the Webster definition of ‘badass.’  Two incredible business women whom have taken a leading role in creating a female groundswell for one of the nations biggest Cancer Rides: Pelatonia.

summit attendees

A great shot from behind as the first two speakers, Lisa and Tammy set the stage.


I was thrilled when Marjorie accepted a speaker position for our first ‘OWBS.’  She was very nervous since she had just become re-aquainted with bicycling however, I felt that Marjorie embodies what the future face of bicycling should look like.  Now, she’s a beast to help engage more women to ride!  SO PROUD!


An ariel shot of most of the folks from the Summit.  Some were still eating, some had to leave back to their jobs, but this is a pretty great shot!


Lindsay Sherman of Trek will be giving a much more indepth and hands-on workshop that you can choose from at this year’s Summit.  We thought she had enough time last year.  We were definitely wrong.  Trial and error, right?  The attendees loved it.  She’ll have a great session this year and we’re excited she’s coming back!

Lastly, I wanted to post a snippet of all of our sponsors.  I’m so grateful at how excited and supportive ALL of these businesses have been.

2014 sponsors


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This past Wednesday, I believe around fifty ladies ended up riding together ( I keep forgetting to take a head count).  It was such a beautiful sight.  We rode passed a handful of parks that evening, praising public parks and green space and all its beauty.  A lot of the gals had not been over either of the Main St. Bridge or the Rich St. Bridge – they all loved it.

We had an interim rest stop at the ‘walk up’ Jeni’s in German Village where it was one of the evening’s highlights.  Lori at Caffe’ Apropos LOVED that we began at the Caffe’ and said we were welcome back, any time.  Ya see, bicyclists are a very big positive to a neighborhood and a business.  What is more visually appealing:  cars parked all along the sidewalk blocking the scenery of the patrons lingering at the cafe tables outside OR bicycles of all kinds and colors, locked up and PEOPLE filling the sidewalks with laughter and conversations?  Which one brings life to a neighborhood??

Here are some of the photos taken from Wednesday.  I look forward to next month’s ride which I believe will be a tour of Bexley and the beautiful streets and homes.  I hope the trees will have begun to change as this was my reasoning for waiting.

Be safe and keep riding!



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Ladies.  The details about the August have been set.  This month we’ll be celebrating ‘Parks.’ Parks de’ jour will be the theme of our ride.  Parks are so important and slowly but surely, more parks are popping up which is so important when creating and maintaining a sustainable city / community.  You gather in parks.  You spend time in parks.  You create friendships and conversations in parks.  Parks are community building and neighborhood building.

We will begin with our meet n greet at Caffe Apropos on the corner of 3rd and Michigan in Harrison West at 6p.  Close to seven, we’ll ride off and visit parks:  Goodale, The Columbus Commons, Genoa, Scioto Mile, and Fetch Park.  During the middle of our ride, we’ll be stopping at the awesome ‘walk up’ Jeni’s in German Village 🙂  Bring cash if you want Jeni’s.

Bring your moms, bring your kids, bring your girlfriends or just bring yourself.  This ride is about women empowerment on two wheels.  Women are the majority transportation with our kids so showing the kids at an early age that the bicycle can be just as reliable as the car is essential.

We had close to forty women join us for July’s ride.  Incredible.  Let’s expand!

We will also be supporting two local businesses as well.  Showing that bicycles stimulate the economy just as much as drivers is also important when it comes to future bicycle development, like taking away a parking spot and putting in an on-street bike corral that parks 12 bikes instead of one car.  People first!

If you have any questions about August’s ride, please email me.  My contact email is under the ‘About’ tab.  I look forward to seeing you all 🙂


Be safe and keep riding!

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I’ve been listening to the new Feist album hence today’s post title.  I’m headed to see her here in June at the Wex Center – WOOT!

So, if any of you don’t know I work a few nights a week in the production kitchen of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams.  I’ve been working for this little powerhouse for about two years now.  I would say that I’m a walking Jeni’s advertisement.  I love what the company stands for.  I love how the employees are so passionate about the product and I’ll end it with, I love how Jeni’s is a bicycle enthused company.  So many workers ride bikes that most of the time (even during the winter months) the bike racks at the production kitchen are filled.  Now that Spring has begun those bike racks are beyond filled and folks are locking their bikes up to trees and anything else stationary.  We’ve ordered close to a dozen more bicycle racks and I’ll be excited once they are in and installed 🙂  In the meantime, I’ve recently been obsessed with spoke cards.  I feel like this is an un-tapped area where businesses (bicycle friendly) can market themselves on the cheap.  I made (4) of these spoke cards for my bikes and I love them:

How cute are they!

Here’s the Jeni’s spoke card in action.  Plus, do you see the other ‘Betty on a Bike’  in the background?  She’s one of my favs.

Now, on to the gents I captured yesterday evening.  I was heading into Barrel 44 from the production kitchen.  There were a crap ton of riders out but I was only able to catch these three:

This rider clearly looks like he just finished a workout.  He’s jamming to some band.


Yesterday, I stopped at the store and bought a few bunches of flowers and they were peeking out of my bookbag kinda like whatever was peeking out of this guys bag.

This rider was very focused on where ever he was headed.  Lovely bike and I’m sure he kept warm with that beard.

Happy Easter or Passover

Keep riding!

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A few of my co-workers from the production kitchen.  They were headed out as I headed in.

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So yesterday here in Columbus, Ohio was ‘Car Free’ Day.  I took over an on-stree t parking spot right in front of the Columbus Dispatch.  My main reason…. they are a huge company and can afford to lose a spot for a few hours 🙂  I invited a handful of other Lady Leaders that truly inspire me and make Columbus better, everyday.

I created a makeshift garden and invited:  Maryellen O’Shaughness, Jenny Brodie, Elizabeth Lessner and Jeni Britton Bauer.  They absolutely had a blast and were very thankful for the invite.  I couldn’t have thought of a better way to celebrate an event that needs to happen more than once as well as with amazing women on such an amazing, beautiful day.  We made the Dispatch.  Here are few other photos:

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Here are a few of my favorite bike racks in Cbus.  Why are they my favorite??  Because they are the most unique and most visually appealing in my city.  For some reason, Cbus can’t seem to venture out of its ‘Conservative’ smaller bike racks like the boring, black, upside-down ‘U’ or the hitch.  For GOD sake people, make it fun!  Make it colorful!   We were recently voted #8 on the Creative Cities Vitality Index then let us SHOW our creative bike racks! ( I am working on this)  Cbus needs to stand out.

Here at the Production Kitchen of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, displays such a beautiful picture.  Colorful, fun, visual bike racks AND, they’re friggin FULL!  They are ALWAYS like this b/c so many of us ride to work whether we’re in the kitchen, making the best ice cream in the country or we’re at the shops.  Yes, I work to get people on bikes and at night I work here in the production kitchen, making the best ice cream that’ll ever hit your taste buds!

Jeni’s plans on putting in these bike racks at all of their locations… eventually.

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