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Two days ago, it was 71 degrees.  Today is probably 40ish.  I think it’s safe to say that those warm-ER days are behind us.  As much as I loathe to admit this b/c I am NOT a fan of winter, I need to face the facts.  So, two days ago, I woke up super early and started my day, super early with the intentions of leaving to take photos of the seasonal bicycle riders around town.

The one thing that constantly bums me out are the amount of bicycle riders, riding on the sidewalk.  How can we change this?  I imagine all time, the idea that if these riders were bike riding on the roads, the impact would show.  Do they even know how important it is to use the roads.  Do they even know that their able to ride in the roads??  How do we empower and give them the confidence needed to ride on the roads instead of the sidewalk?  This is something that always racks my brain.

red on red:

chewing action shot

the simple pleasures of the bicycle:

Riding topless:

Anyone who knows me knows that I do not discriminate when it comes to ALL forms of moving about (sans Petro).  I was happy to catch these lovely ladies enjoying the weather and good conversation while rollin’ through campus:

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Photo taken by Ulises Cruz from our most recent Tweed Ride.  This is what women look like on bicycles.    Imagine this photo with 30 more women on bicycles!  We ARE the influential factor of bicycling.  I want photos like these with more and more ladies and smiles.  It WILL happen.


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Yesterday was our bi-annual Tweed Ride Columbus.  Wind gusts were between 15-30mph however, that didn’t stop 30 of us dashing Tweed fans to hop on our bicycles and enjoy a 9 mile route throughout Columbus.  It was a perfect Fall afternoon as we rode through four unique neighborhoods (Short North, Downtown, Old Town East and German Village).  We ended our ride at the very fitting, Brothers Drake Meadery and indulged in some locally made Mead.

Be on the lookout for up and coming information about our Holiday Festivus Ride – it’s gonna be wacky!


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My drug of choice is two wheels… then perhaps a good bourbon.  Whenever I’m feeling crummy and tense or I feel like I’m about to explode, I hope on one of my bicycles and ride.   I always feel recharged and rejuvenated after riding my bike.  Before Morphine there were bicycles.  Aside from the bicycle being a huge liberation for women and a ‘normal’ mode of transportation for all, I bet there were plenty of folks that hopped on their two wheels to help uplift their spirits as well.

Another warm October day brought lots of bicycle riders through the High St. Corridor to enjoy the limited warm days we have left here as well as uplifting their spirits.


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I was finishing up my daily workout in the park when I saw this happening!  It was meant to be seeing as how they rode off on this beautiful tandem!  This is definitely one of the requirements should I find the right woman 🙂

These two were so adorable and as you can see in the close-up of the beautiful bride, she was smiling ear to ear.

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This past Saturday was meant for Bicycling!  The bi-annual M2M Ride was a Halloween themed success!  Not to mention, it was absolutely a gorgeous fall morning.  Here are photos I captured throughout the ride, at different points.

Bicycle riders came out in drones and I’ll even admit, with some of the photos I took, it looked like we were actually a bicycling city!  It made me giddy.


‘I’ll get you my pretty.’

This was my final photo of shooting the ride.  So many bicyclists… so many smiles, how can you not WANT to ride a bike.

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