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Hundreds and hundreds of bike riders gathered at Genoa Park on Friday to celebrate… bikes!  Such a perfect evening.  Wasn’t too hot.  Bike riders of all ages, all sizes, and all colors came out to support Consider biking and how awesome bikes are.  Talk about a vibrant and livable downtown on Friday.  With Bike Fest, Food Cart Fest, and Firewater happening, thousands of folks peppered the downtown streets.  Distances of 10-20 miles around all pockets of the city.  There’s nothing like exploring your own city or exploring  a new city, on a bike.

The ride ended back at Genoa Park where Waterfire took place which was really beautiful.  I did not ride this year as I was happy to stay back and ‘hold down the fort.’  I ran into a few friends and had the most splendid, spntaneous evening.  I mean, how can you beat:  bikes, summer, friends, waterfire, sunset, and laughter.  You can’t.

Enjoy the photos and keep riding.

Nothing helps like loads of volunteers to help keep an event running smoothly!  Thank you, volunteers!

What a guy he is!  Talk about super advocate!  Very lucky to know this man.


I can’t say anything more except:  I.  LOVE.  TREK.

I LOVE this photo!

Awesome friends I ran into!


The Mayor participated after finishing up the bike ride.

I love summer


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