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For the purpose of time and a not so lengthy blog, there are two things I love:  Bicycles …. and Women.  Yes, I purposely have bicycles before women b/c when I see a lady two-wheelin down the street, my eyes immediately go to her ‘stem’ – bike stem that is.  Then I’ll go to what the woman is wearing on the bike.   Any way I look at it, my heart beats a little harder and a little faster when I see another lady riding her bike.  We as women are the ‘indicator species’ of the overall bike-friendliness of a region, as the more of them there are, the more widespread cycling seems to be (Thanks, Anna).

I found a bunch of beautiful lady celebrities on bikes last week and have been dying to post.  They are exactly what I am trying to convey – that biking is a very normal and feasible mode of transportation.  There’s no need to gear up into that spandex/lycra armor.  The more we show biking as an everyday, acceptable mode of transportation, the less we’ll hear on the ‘negative branding’ that has had this constricting hold on bicycle.

I, of course had to begin with my most favorite actress, humanitarian, musician, of them all:

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