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I try to schedule a lot of my meetings at Cafe Brioso.  It’s central, the staff are stellar, and it’s such a bike hub.  If I want to see one of my biking friends, I usually just have to sit there for a bit until I see one of many of them – it’s a great thing.

For business owners who still sit on the fence about whether removing a parking space to accompany an in-street bike corral or some other bike-friendly treatment is too risky and ‘may’ take away from their business… it won’t.  It’ll only attract foot traffic and pedal traffic and keep people ‘staying’ at your business.  That’s essentially what you’re looking for, for people to ‘stay’ and spend money.  When you have these comforts and these accommodations that many, many people are looking for and desire – word WILL get around.  As a biker, my money is just as green as the car driver.  That’s what makes Cafe Brioso so special.  They don’t have an in-street bike corral… yet 🙂 but, they sure are the beacon and a prime example of a successful business when you create it around people.  You have to listen and observe what people want.

Keep riding

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