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This past Monday ‘Bike OSU’ held a fantastic shin-dig at the Ohio Student Union.  Tons of folks showed up to get their ‘bike on’  and get information about the new’ Mobile Bike Repair’ clinic as well as bicycle tours and much more.  New 2012 maps were given out to folks to check out best routes for your ride, Paradise Garage was checking out easy-repairs.  There were folks for mountain biking, polo bikes, and of course – if you didn’t notice Ohio Energy Bikes was there providing the power to the tunes being spun by Charles Erikson.  It was a great success for everyone involved and just to see the amount of bike riders, new and old was a sight to see.

School just started for OSU and I’ve biked around and all ready noticed that there are more bikes on campus than there are places for the students to lock them up.   I look forward to OSU continuing to move forward in their Bike-Friendly University state of mind and make that campus one of the most prized walking and bike friendly campuses in the nation.

For more info on Bike OSU, the new Mobile Bike Repair as well as the brand new OSU Bike Co-op, click this:  http://bikeosu.weebly.com/


Be safe and keep riding!




my friend josh (seen above) loathes the idea of people who ‘sell out.’


Bike OSU’s newly Mobile Bike Repair


Alex.  The man with plan.  And… the tickets.


Ohio Energy Project had three bikes where folks would hop on and supply the power to keep the music going.


The racks are literally like this everywhere on campus.  Beautiful sight



Julian (purple tie) is also one of the leaders of Bike OSU.  The gentleman in the middle, he pretty much peddled the entire time I was there.  Kurt, on the far bike – Ohio Energy Project is his job.  He rocks it!






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