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With the help of Kelly Young of FCW, they were able to finally get some inverted u’s installed outside.  Congrats, ya’ll.  There was a meet up of about fifteen riders beginning at Consider biking.  Hitting the path on a beautiful and global warming, warm Saturday the riders stopped at Goodale to try to catch the Alley Cat race.  Myself and my friend Kevin caught the Alley Cater’s just prior to their take off – it was an awesome sight.  I couldn’t get my camera out in time to capture the madness of everyone dashing to their bikes which were sprawled out all over the playground – my damn gloves got in the way.  I was super bummed but don’t worry, I’ll get capture them the next time.

Here are some photos of volunteers and riders at FCW and a couple from the Alley Cat post pandemonium.

Keep riding!

Pre madness of Alley Cat.  Photo taken by Patrick Maher.

The teen above was super engaged.  I loved watching him.  THIS is what I want to see…  more teens excited about bikes, learning about bikes and empowering themselves with the knowledge of fixing their bikes!

Kevin ‘Crime Stoppers’ Miles nicely representing all of FCW’s Code of Conduct.

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