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Its been three weeks since my last confession.  Oops, I mean post 🙂  Sorry ya’ll.  I’ve been uber busy with three big projects and a handful of little ones.  I can’t help but to have my hands in as much possible – all things bikes.

One of those little projects is, beside my monthly ‘2 Wheels & Heels’ ladies ride, I thought it would be really beneficial to organize intimate rides with ladies that can make it, and experience current infrastructure that’s already laid on ground.

For a couple years now, I continue to reinforce to our city engineers that when bicycle infrastructure is designed, they need to keep in mind – women and children.  If you design a street with women and children in mind, they will ride it and so will everyone else.  If you do not, then the street needs to be redone until this can happen.  City streets are viewed as ‘safe’ when you have families, women, and children safely riding in them – with big smiles on their faces.

My first intimate ride was the Hilltop Bike Lanes.  I ride these all the time b/c my schools are located in the Frankliton and Hilltop area.

I received great feedback from the eight ladies that rode with me.  Signage in the intersections of the entrance / exit ramps by the freeways, better guidance from bike lane to sharrows, green paint usage, etc.  Eight ladies that ride when they can.  No professionals in planning, bicycle advocacy, engineering – just eight of the many ladies I’ve come to know that love to ride and want our streets to be safer and equipped with better / more smartly designed infrastructure.  Some of these women have kids and while they themselves would ride some of the infrastructure in some places, they would never bring their kids to ride on some of these streets.  We need to change that.

We need to have streets designed for EVERYONE in mind.  Our next ride will be Tamarack Circle and the infrastructure that’s been recently built there.  If you’re interested in partaking, write a comment or send me an email.  My email address is under the ‘About’ tab of my blog.


I thank the ladies that participated in this ride and look forward to the next ride with another VERY useful and open discussion.

Be safe and keep riding.





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To all you ladies out there – we WILL be riding Oct.30th.  A handful of women asked if we were having a ride on Halloween and the answer is … YES!

The ride will begin at the usual time – 6pm and we’ll meet, once again at Paradise Garage.  They have parking for all you folks that drive with your bike in tow.  Hopefully the weather will be absolutely perfect for us (fingers crossed).

I’d like for us to come up with a group costume for this ride.  How fun would it be to have 40-50 women dressed up in some fun, creative costume for ALL kinds of people to see???  So, put on your thinking caps and ‘comment’ on this blog, your group costume idea.  I have also put this same little contest up on fb and the group costume will be announced on Oct.13th.  This will give enough time for costume preparations.  Please make sure the costume idea isn’t too costly.

We’ll probably just do a fun ride along High St. and a couple of the adjacent neighborhoods.  I also think it would be fun for participants to bring bags of candy where we can also toss out candy to random walkers along our route 🙂

If you have any questions, please send me an email.  If not, start thinking creatively and post your ideas below this blog:)

I’ve thrown out the group costume – A HERD OF SHEEP 🙂

Be safe and keep riding.

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