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This past Wednesday, I believe around fifty ladies ended up riding together ( I keep forgetting to take a head count).  It was such a beautiful sight.  We rode passed a handful of parks that evening, praising public parks and green space and all its beauty.  A lot of the gals had not been over either of the Main St. Bridge or the Rich St. Bridge – they all loved it.

We had an interim rest stop at the ‘walk up’ Jeni’s in German Village where it was one of the evening’s highlights.  Lori at Caffe’ Apropos LOVED that we began at the Caffe’ and said we were welcome back, any time.  Ya see, bicyclists are a very big positive to a neighborhood and a business.  What is more visually appealing:  cars parked all along the sidewalk blocking the scenery of the patrons lingering at the cafe tables outside OR bicycles of all kinds and colors, locked up and PEOPLE filling the sidewalks with laughter and conversations?  Which one brings life to a neighborhood??

Here are some of the photos taken from Wednesday.  I look forward to next month’s ride which I believe will be a tour of Bexley and the beautiful streets and homes.  I hope the trees will have begun to change as this was my reasoning for waiting.

Be safe and keep riding!



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This past Monday ‘Bike OSU’ held a fantastic shin-dig at the Ohio Student Union.  Tons of folks showed up to get their ‘bike on’  and get information about the new’ Mobile Bike Repair’ clinic as well as bicycle tours and much more.  New 2012 maps were given out to folks to check out best routes for your ride, Paradise Garage was checking out easy-repairs.  There were folks for mountain biking, polo bikes, and of course – if you didn’t notice Ohio Energy Bikes was there providing the power to the tunes being spun by Charles Erikson.  It was a great success for everyone involved and just to see the amount of bike riders, new and old was a sight to see.

School just started for OSU and I’ve biked around and all ready noticed that there are more bikes on campus than there are places for the students to lock them up.   I look forward to OSU continuing to move forward in their Bike-Friendly University state of mind and make that campus one of the most prized walking and bike friendly campuses in the nation.

For more info on Bike OSU, the new Mobile Bike Repair as well as the brand new OSU Bike Co-op, click this:  http://bikeosu.weebly.com/


Be safe and keep riding!




my friend josh (seen above) loathes the idea of people who ‘sell out.’


Bike OSU’s newly Mobile Bike Repair


Alex.  The man with plan.  And… the tickets.


Ohio Energy Project had three bikes where folks would hop on and supply the power to keep the music going.


The racks are literally like this everywhere on campus.  Beautiful sight



Julian (purple tie) is also one of the leaders of Bike OSU.  The gentleman in the middle, he pretty much peddled the entire time I was there.  Kurt, on the far bike – Ohio Energy Project is his job.  He rocks it!






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I biked over to the lovely bicentennial park this past weekend.  It was a hot day and I’ve been reading this fantastic book by Jane Jacobs, ‘ The Death and Life of Great American Cities.’  If you all don’t know by now, not only do I have a deep love and passion for bicycles and getting more people to ride bikes, I’m obsessed with places and placemaking and what makes a successful place where people want to ‘stay’ and enjoy.

With that, I took my book, a blanket, my camera, and ‘Suzette’ (my fuji) and headed over to the park for some sunshine and reading.

It’s really great to see so many people using the bike trail along the river.  A goal of mine would be to have Civic Center be closed down to cars on Sundays from say April – Oct and it be a complete pedestrian zone.  How does that sound??  More cities are doing this – embracing this, why can’t we?  If only there were 30hrs in the day sometimes.

Anywho, I love observing how populated bicentennial is becoming with bikes – here are some of the folks that I caught between flipping the pages of my book:

Be safe and keep riding!







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Not only do you travel better, you feel better by bicycle.  At least I do.  There’s definitely been a noticeable increase in bicycle ridership since I’ve begun this blog.  It makes me happy.  I look forward to seeing that ridership number continue to increase.  Ahh, imagine the day where a cycletrack is put down the center of High St.  Bikers, cars, and pedestrians all happily going about their way.

A girl can dream can’t she?


In the meantime, I’ll continue shooting our ever increasing and diverse group of riders here








P.S.  Today is also the kick-off for BIKE OSU.  6pm Oho Union.  There’s lot of bike stuff happening so go support and check out how you can help make campus a safe and fun place to ride.  Congrats to continued efforts of How We Roll and the new OSU Bike Co-op and Mobile Bike Clinic.  I’ve been waiting for a mobile clinic to open up for almost two years now 🙂

Be safe and keep riding.


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Early Sunday morning, my very dear friend Kevin Hillman wrecked his motorcycle and passed away.  I found out Sunday afternoon and I’ve pretty much been in hiding.  I’ve accomplished a little bit of work (thank goodness I have a job where I can work from my home), I attempted running yesterday but kept pulling over b/c I kept having bouts of tears stream down my face.  I ran over to the Audubon b/c that’s where Kevin and I loved to have breakfast.  We’d go to Kroger, get granola, fruits, yogurts, etc. and have an early morning picnic at our spot.  We’d talk about girls, life, biking, working, you name it – we talked about it.

I could always count on Kevin to join me at the drop of a hat.  If I woke up and wanted to hike, I could call him and he’d be over in his orange VW vintage pick-up, ready to go.  If I wanted to go for a run, he’d be at my house at 8am with his running shoes on.  Kevin had one of the biggest hearts in my life.  Even if he didn’t know you that well, he’d give you the shirt off of his back b/c that’s just how we was.  He was always kind and thoughtful and full of love.  He was a bit lost in his life but I feel that’s just b/c he wanted to do so much and experience so much.  I had complete faith he would figure it out – I mean, he was ONLY 24.

Kevin loved to bicycle.  So many evenings and mornings, we’d ride.  He helped me out so much with my Safe Routes to School.  He absolutely loved helping little kids learn to ride bikes.  He was a huge advocate for not only Consider biking but for the City of Columbus.  He wanted more for this city.  He wanted safe streets for bike riders.  He even went to the National Bike Summit in D.C. this past year where he vowed he would continue to go every year b/c he was so inspired.  We even just talked about our plans for going together next year and how he was all ready beginning to save up.

This post does nothing to convey how much Kevin meant to me but I did feel the need to at least share a little sliver of how amazing my friend was.  The abruptness of his death is something that will take some time for me to grasp as I’m sure many of his other friends.  The idea of never hearing his laugh again, never hearing his VW pick-up pull up outside my apt. or never giving him another hug is heart wrenching.

Here are some photos of Kevin.  I love and miss you, my friend.












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I know it’s Wednesday but these were taken yesterday 🙂  Busy day / evening last night so I’m posting today.

Be safe and keep riding!





I commuted with this fella for about 1/2 mile and he stopped at all the red lights.  I appreciated that 🙂  Thank you, sir!

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Ladies.  The details about the August have been set.  This month we’ll be celebrating ‘Parks.’ Parks de’ jour will be the theme of our ride.  Parks are so important and slowly but surely, more parks are popping up which is so important when creating and maintaining a sustainable city / community.  You gather in parks.  You spend time in parks.  You create friendships and conversations in parks.  Parks are community building and neighborhood building.

We will begin with our meet n greet at Caffe Apropos on the corner of 3rd and Michigan in Harrison West at 6p.  Close to seven, we’ll ride off and visit parks:  Goodale, The Columbus Commons, Genoa, Scioto Mile, and Fetch Park.  During the middle of our ride, we’ll be stopping at the awesome ‘walk up’ Jeni’s in German Village 🙂  Bring cash if you want Jeni’s.

Bring your moms, bring your kids, bring your girlfriends or just bring yourself.  This ride is about women empowerment on two wheels.  Women are the majority transportation with our kids so showing the kids at an early age that the bicycle can be just as reliable as the car is essential.

We had close to forty women join us for July’s ride.  Incredible.  Let’s expand!

We will also be supporting two local businesses as well.  Showing that bicycles stimulate the economy just as much as drivers is also important when it comes to future bicycle development, like taking away a parking spot and putting in an on-street bike corral that parks 12 bikes instead of one car.  People first!

If you have any questions about August’s ride, please email me.  My contact email is under the ‘About’ tab.  I look forward to seeing you all 🙂


Be safe and keep riding!

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