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This past Sat. there was a ‘Public Art’ bicycle ride.  It was more to check out this public interaction campaign at different COTA stops.  How to engage folks with creating a more livable, walkable, bikeable community.  The phrases that you’ll see in a couple of the pics are taken from numerous meetings that were had by the folks who are organizing this campaign.  There’s a main question at different COTA stops that asks,” What does the bus to the future look like”?  Cool idea.  I like the provocation of ‘thought’ behind it.

It was hot as hell but a good 15+ of us showed up with I was impressed with.

Take a look:

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So, most of us bicycle riders know May as National Bike Month.  If others are reading this and you didn’t know that, ‘Surprise!’

As most of you know, I’m very passionate about getting more women comfortable riding and navigating our city roads.  I am also passionate about wearing every day clothing while riding your bike.  One shouldn’t feel the need to wear one outfit while riding and then change into another when you’re finished.  Bicycling should be as easy and 123.  As we’ve been saying, ‘dress for your destination, not the journey.’

You look at other exploding bicycle cities like: D.C., San Fran, and Chicago and this is how they ride.  This blog is about that as well.  I snap photos of fellow bike riders wearing everyday clothes b/c we need to normalize it.  It’s still funny to me when people point at me as I’m rolling down the streets pedaling in a skirt and heels.

Women.  Women are a beautiful sight to see when dressed up and two-wheeling.  They always put a smile on my face.  I saw a gentleman the other day in a suit, biking to the courthouse.  That’s how we began and that’s how it should be.

So, back to the project.  For the month of May, I (or rather; neighbors, friends, and nice strangers) have been photographing myself and my outfits that I wear on my bicycle.  I’m going to post half now and then the other half at the end of the month.  Anything from my closest is wearable on my bicycle.  People always mention ‘sweating.’  If you take it easy and ride your bike at a leisurely pace instead of 22mph then chances are you’ll roll into work and not be sweaty.

Enjoy the dozen outfits below.  I’d also like to mention that beginning in June and once a month, I will be holding a ladies only – leisure bicycle ride.  It’s called ‘2 Wheels & Heels.’  My friend in Cleveland began it up there and it was a smashing success.  I told her I would take it on here and not only is it beginning here in Columbus this summer, it is also happening in:  Chicago, Austin,  and Minneapolis.  We will all ride on the same day each month.  We are working to move this group across the Nation to empower more women to ride their bikes.  We need to move that gender needle and soften our streets.  If you’re interested in the ‘2 Wheels & Heels’ rides, search it on Facebook at:  ‘2 Wheels & Heels.’

Enjoy and keep riding!

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Caught this man commuting to work in a suit – love it!  He’s dressing for his day, not his commute.  We need more of this.  The two riders below were waiting patiently at a red light.  Not all of us riders disobey laws.

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Our Annual and successful Tweed Ride Columbus ended with a bang.  It was actually a lot hotter than everyone expected.  With Columbus weather, I guess you never know what the hell to expect from March – June!  It was a glorious day.  I, unfortunately had to miss most of Tweed due to unexpected apt. troubles however, I did show up at the end and with so many people loving the Tweed Ride, it kind of pulls off by itself now, which is great!  Here are some wonderful pics that my dear friend Mary Rathke took.  Thank you to ‘Tip Top’ for treating us kindly!

Enjoy and keep riding!

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Sorry about my lack of recent blog posts.  I’m the Safe Routes to School Coordinator here in Columbus and I’ve been extremely busy walking/biking kids to school.  Setting up police presentations as well as end of the year bicycle rodeos in all the schools.  So, until the very end of May, if you haven’t heard from me… this is why 🙂

This Sunday is our Tweed Ride Columbus.  It will be our third tweed ride and people are stoked.  The weather looks to be glorious for us.  We will meet up at the corner of Goodale Park and we’ll begin our jaunt, doing a slow and leisure three mile ride.  We will pull over at Schiller Park for our usual group photo and the hop back on and end at The Jury Room for tweed appropriate cocktails.

Get those mustaches, knickers, and monocles ready!  If there are new folks joining which there are, here are some photos of other city Tweed Rides to show you how folks are dressing:

Keep Riding!

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