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So yesterday was a good day to be on my bike.  Well, every day is a good day (unless its super cold and my toes and fingers go numb) but I captured random things happening on the bicycle as you’ll see below.  Hope you all enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL sunny day we had yesterday.  I finished my Safe Routes to School at Sullivant Elem. and then sun bathed over at Scioto Mile until my 5pm meeting.

This lady was commuting down Front:

Lockin up during the wind storm!

Enjoying the Mile:

Looking at these bike riders, I was going for getting the depth of the rider in the background as the two riders were resting in the foreground.

This rider was rockin’!  Talk about towin’ your bike…  while riding a bike!  AND he managed to give me a thumbs up!  Impressive to say the least! 🙂

How awesome is this photo below?  I was literally riding down Rich St. and I caught this guy proposing to his g/f.  I was meant to capture this b/c as you can see there is a ROCKIN’ tandem in the background.  Totally meant to be!  I hope they’re very happy.

Some good captured moments in the city via two-wheels.

Keep riding!

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A few of my co-workers from the production kitchen.  They were headed out as I headed in.

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I met my sis down near campus for a bit today.  A good friend of ours was recently in a house fire and we went to visit him.  He’s doing better everyday but has a long recovery a head of him.  As I was waiting for my sis, I found a few bike riders enjoying the awesome warmth out, heading to/from class or maybe from clinicals.

I’ve also been taking photos of the gasoline increase.  Here is today’s price right by my apt:

I am really just in awe of how this keeps getting worse and worse.  I know there are a lot of people who don’t have access to a bus or can’t bike to work but if they’re home and need to run an errand that’s a mile or so away, I’m hoping they’ll think twice about getting in the car for such a small distance.

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I was sitting in the park the other day with my good friend Amanda.  We were enjoying in the 75+ degree March day we’ve been lucky to experience.  Tons of others were out, smiling just as big as we were.

I caught this fancy fellow riding along the park and had to have him stop for a pose:

As from his outfit totally rocking on this spring day, his tie was knit!  It was awesome.

The photo below I found on my fav:  copenhagencyclechic.  Funny thing about this photo, I was thinking of a photo project very similar to this.  Directing different, intimate groups of bike riders; having them dress up and I photo them from behind throughout our city.  I really just love the vision:

I hope you all enjoy your St. Patty’s / March Madness weekend and bike responsibly.  I will be glued to the tele on Sat. watching Syracuse hopefully beat Kansas St. and look a hell of a lot better than they did playing again Ashville.  I’m excited for my schedule to calm down here soon where I can focus a lot more of photo capturing and posting on here.

Keep Riding.

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I have been BUSY has hell organizing my Safe Routes to School program that’s about to kick-off in a couple weeks.  Here are few fun blog worthy photos I thought I’d share.

It’s going to be 67 out today.  It’s 8:58am and I am already antsy to go outside and play.  Work first, that’s what I keep reiterating to myself.  Enjoy the weather today.  Ride a bike!  Take a walk.  Go out and run.  Just BE OUTSIDE!

Keep riding.

A cold and windy Sat filming but we still had an impressive AND gender-balanced turnout 🙂

Just thought this was a pretty photo.  All kinds of bikes leaning up against a classic ticket booth Ohio Theater

One of the Bicentennial Events was a ‘Trending Now’ Fashion Show.  This was pre-fashion show and Brutus was very eager to try out our Bike Share Bike.  He totally rocks it, eh?

That’s me and a ‘to be’ Bike Share bike.  Come on, Columbus!!!  Jody is behind me with her folding bike – ‘Foldie Hawn’

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