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It’s gorgeous out.  I hope that many of you this morning took an extra few minutes to enjoy the sun rising while you were on your bicycle or by foot.  I can’t wait til my apt. windows are open and warm breezes once again sweep over me.  I can’t wait til I no longer have the winter comforter with an added quilt on top removed and I only sleep with a sheet.

Soak it up b/c its the weather is suppose to be bullocks by mid-week!

There were LOTS of lovely slow bicycle riders out and about this morning.  They were heading south, I was heading north.  There’s a surge happening and it’s gonna explode when the weather is fair for those fair weather’d riders (tongue twister??).

To More Bicycles.

…old school shifter on the down tube.

I love taking photos of riders from behind.  I’m gonna put together a photo shoot specifically designated for these types of shots 🙂

He was fist pumpin himself b/c of his fancy riding with no hands technique.  Well done, sir!

Responsible rider appears to be stopped – looking left, right, then left again.

Big bikes.  Small bikes.  I don’t care 🙂

I’d love to say that this was a Professor riding to his classes but I’m not sure.


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One of my dear friends resides in San Diego and she reminds me of it about everyday with her pictures she sends me.  I told her that she lives the life that I eventually want to live.  She’s a prominent coffee roaster making a wonderful name for herself.  She has a cute motorcycle.  She surfs when she has spare time.  She rock climbs when she has spare time.  She loves to camp.  And lastly, she loves her bicycle.  Her original Cannondale was stolen some time ago and remarkably, she found the same frame and slowly built her bike up again. If any of you have ever had a crash on your bike, had your bike stolen, etc.  When there is a complete physical change to your bicycle, it takes time to settle into b/c ‘its just not the same.’  But, I think my friend is slowly getting re-acquainted with her new friend.

Here is a photo she sent me that sums up a day in SD.  Aside from the coffee roasting, I hope to get back to Cali and live a similar and simple life as she.

Keep riding.

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Some lovely photos of bicycle riders this morning, heading to classes I’m guessing.  I missed a few riders in the downtown area but oh well.  I believe it’s going to be a pretty mild weekend so enjoy it!  Hop on your bike, head to the Audubon or tonight at the Columbus Museum of Art, they are hosting Game Show this evening, should be a good time especially if Hostess with the Mostess – Susie Starliner is on mic!  She rocks the house and I may even have a little crush on her.

Keep riding and making our streets VIBRANT!


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So…  I’m presenting at this Thursdays Pecha Kucha at the Museum of Art.  I’m speaking about how critical and vital we as women are, when riding our bicycles.  Men, don’t get it twisted, I love that you’re out there but the drastic gender gap with women bicycle riders here in the U.S. is pretty significant.  Women create this sense of vibrancy when we’re on the roads looking chic, heading into work or bicycling their kids to school or just running everyday errands.  We help reinforce the ‘normalcy’  that the bicycle is.

I read this fantastic article this morning: http://www.peoplepoweredmovement.org/site/index.php/site/blog/advocates_launch_effort_to_double_number_of_women_and_girls_who_ride_bikes/

I’d love to find time where I can mirror efforts like this here.  ‘The needs and desires of bicyclists differ by gender.’  Couldn’t agree more.  Having more women become LCI’s (I’ll finish mine in April) and then using that knowledge to teach girls in school as well as other women who are interested but may feel a bit intimidated can make all the difference in the world.  Knowledge is power.  I’m so proud of  WobSoCal team!  All types of beautiful women making change!


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Ya know, I can’t fully complain the way that I normally do when winter strikes Columbus b/c our winter this year has been quite mild.  If winters were like this every year, I’d be a lot less moody (not really).  Every winter, I find myself saying the same thing, ‘why do I still live here?’  I have however, noticed a difference during my commutes that there are a lot more bicycle riders out commuting than say last year.  Again, this probably has to do with winter being much, much warmer.  Or, are people starting to realize that the bicycle is a reliable tool, easy to use and sometimes even more accessible than a car.

During my commute home to G-ville, I caught this woman.  It looked as though this woman was headed to the grocery store??  Not sure but the fact that she appears to be running errands on her bicycle provides a great vision that multi-tasking via bicycle WORKS.

The photo below is a couple I caught riding down the bumpy and desperately in need of being repaved, Oak St.  Oak St. is another street with great potential of being an east/west bicycle path.  A safe, stress-free and separated cycle track would be a success

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I ‘unofficially’ helped out and biked my friend and her stylish daughter to school for the first time this morning.  It was super fun.  Daughter ‘A’ was a bit nervous riding in the road which is to be expected but she kicked butt.  My friend told me that her daughter was so excited this morning when she woke up.  Her daughter said, ‘mom, today we ride to school!’  That is awesome.    On days where I’m not in early morning meetings or doing Safe Routes on the west side, I’m going to gladly offer my help to my friend and her daughter.  Lots of kids were staring as we rode to school which is great b/c my hope is to have my friend and her daughter bicycle as much as possible and be the ‘trendsetters,’ heading to and from this particular school where maybe another parent will want to join.  That’s the whole point, showing everyone that it CAN be done.  You gotta start from a seed.

Keep riding.

..and yes, that is a Barbie on a bike – mounted on her handlebars 🙂

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