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There were quite a few riders out there yesterday.  It’s been quite mild for winter here which I LOVE.  This fancy fellas, I just randomly ran into.  Look how happy they are, I know bicycling has something to do with it.  They are ready to dominate those city streets.  Or, maybe their thinking about lunch.

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First off, did you sing the subject line like Frank Sinatra’s, ‘I’m in the mood for love’ song because that’s where I was going with it 🙂

I’ve been given the privilege of reading top secret biking data recently.  Well, maybe not top secret but it hasn’t been published yet so I feel honored 🙂  Anywho, I noticed a picture in the reading that just made me swoon.  I think it was of Ninth Ave. in NYC.  It was the epitome of a ‘Complete Street’ – imo.  A dedicated lane for buses, a dedicated lane for cars, a dedicated lane for bike riders and enough walking space for pedestrians.  I tried to find it on Google to show ya’ll but I couldn’t 😦  But, it lead me to this post.  I absolutely LOVE dedicated/buffered bike lanes, one-way cycle tracks, two-way cycle tracks…  you name it – I love them.

I ride all year.  I donated my car and chose to be a car free woman in Columbus.  People think that I’m one of those ‘no fear’ bicycle rider when that’s totally not true.  Sometimes, I hate riding on the roads especially speeding wastelands like Broad, 3rd, 4th, and High st.- south of Livingston Ave.

People bitch about bike lanes and dedicated this and that.  Well, the reality is is that the majority of the people who ARE interested in riding will not UNTIL there is decent infrastructure like cycle tracks and buffered bike lanes.  When I commute to the West Side, my whole body feels a sense of relief once I hit those bike lanes.  Cars have their dance space and I have mine.  I have yet to have a car zoom passed me, cut me off, swear at me, etc. when I’m in those bike lanes and I can ride at MY speed not at the feeling of obligation to go as fast as I can so that I don’t hold up traffic too badly.

People bitch about the cleanliness of buffered bike lanes, cycle tracks saying that everything gets dumped and left in our lanes… well, there’s definite truth to that.  I’ve found myself calling/submitting 311 requests to clean the bike lanes on Broad on a few occasions but that’s what you do.  You take the time to report the issue.  If cycle tracks and buffered bike lanes DO come into downtown Columbus, sooner than later I’d like to confidently say that maintenance would be a priority.  And if you feel it slipping, stop being a lazy, complaining ass and submit the 311 request yourself.

That’s my five cents for today.  I added a few buffered bike lanes, cycle tracks for folks who may not have a clear vision of what they are, below:

Keep riding… IN THE ROADS 🙂

V St. Cycle Track in good ol’ D.C.

Ninth Ave in NYC.  How could you NOT like this view?  This ease.

Montreal.  Bike riders enjoying their safe space

Zebra painted intersection for a cycle track.  The paint helps with visibility and the sharrows help the bike riders maintain their path

Bogota cycle track.  You see, build it and people WILL use it

This is a snap shot of the video taken of me during my commute home – down 3rd.  Nice and disgusting, eh?  Rows of single occupant drivers in isolation around their 2000 steel box.  Then there’s me.

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I felt that Saturday’s Huffy Toss deemed itself worthy enough to where it deserves its own post.

Grab the popcorn b/c these pictures are HILARS!

This WAS Jim Ganahl:


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Yesterday was our 32nd Festivus Ride.  Not really, but it was pretty awesome.  We had folks meet us at Goodale Park where about 80 of us weaved the detours and construction of downtown Columbus and dammit, we looked good!  Our bikes were dressed to impress.  We had the tandem keg bike fit with our Festivus Pole guiding our way to our destination of Hal n Als where takers tested their ‘Feats of Strength.’  It was cold and brisk but the Huffy Toss was a sight to see.  The fabulously, festive and decorated bicycles were lit up with lights, faux tinsel, santa heads and holly.  The ugly sweaters were….  well, ugly as hell.  And lastly, gals and guys tested their mind and upper arm strength when holding out filled pitchers of water.  This test of strength was to see how long a person could hold the filled pitcher of water the longest and without bending their arms.  There were some determined participants!  The grievance board was filled by the end of the night, Frank Costanza stayed busy being photo’d and Jim Ganahl’s head was sadly dismembered from his body during the Huffy Toss Competition.  I’d say, it was a Festivus Success!  Enjoy the photos:


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Standing around after our 2nd successful Tweed Ride back in October, a couple of us were thinking, ‘what’s next?’  I said, ‘we need to do some kind of awesome Holiday Ride.’  Then someone said ‘Festivus’ and there you have it.  Standing around, drinking Mead from the awesome Brother’s Drake Meadery, the Columbus Festivus Ride was birthed.

We have over 120 saying ‘yes’ to our first Festivus where we hope this pops off and becomes THE ‘Winterfest’ Ride that folks look forward to here in Cbus.  Get those gloves, ugly sweaters, scarfs and holiday bike decor ready for a night of FUN.

We’re asking everyone to bring a few canned goods or 1 jar of peanut butter as we will be donating all of the goods to Mid-Ohio Food Bank.

Bike parking is YOUR discretion so BRING.YOUR.LOCKS.  You’ll be locking up to anything that’s stationary 🙂

As we make our way from Goodale to Hal n Als, down on Parsons, we WILL ride by the RULES OF THE ROAD.

Frank Costanza  is making a special guest appearance and you’ll be able to have your photo taken with him!

Hal n Als will have Yuengling specials.  We’ll have white elephant gifts for winners of each Feats of Strength.  We’ll have a megaphone to maintain sarcasm.  And I believe we’ll have  a couple outdoor heaters to keep ya’ll toasty.

Last but not least… it’ll be a FULL MOON!

We look forward to seeing ya’ll on Saturday!


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