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My GIS pals, Bryan and Marc put this parking data together.  This is what parking looks like downtown.  Shocking, eh?  There are approx. 100,000 downtown workers and with this data, it shows that Land and Garage parking equates to roughly 73,000 spaces.  That’s ALMOST 1 space per downtown worker.  And ya’ll know that our downtown is NOT lively in ANY stretch of the imagination.  It is clear that this city makes it too easy for people to continue driving their cars.  Why would easy solutions like light rail and other modes of transportation pass here, drivers have it made.  Our downtown streets have been surrendered to traffic and it doesn’t appear that this will change any time soon.  Why can’t downtown succeed, it’s quite simple:  Speed kills the sense of space and until streets like Broad, 3rd. 4th and South High (S. of Livingston) are road dieted and made to serve as public spaces, pleasant for all – not much will succeed downtown.

‘The desire to go ‘through’ a place must be balanced with the desire to go ‘to’ a space.  The role of streets is to BUILD COMMUNITIES, not the other way around:

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Myself and my two fellow comrades, Emily and Andrew have been slowly organizing what is looking to turn out to be an awesome Holiday Ride.  We want this first Holiday Festivus Ride to be a smashing success so that it becomes ‘THE’ Annual Holiday Ride that everyone looks forward to.  Local neighborhood bar and bicycling magnet – Hal n Als, eagerly accepted my proposal of being the destination where we will have our ‘Airing of the grievances’ followed by ‘Feats of Strength’ and copious amounts of drinking merriment.

We are encouraging all participants to bring a couple canned goods and/or a jar of peanut butter.  All of the goods will be donated to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.  This will be a wacky and ridiculous experience not to be missed.

Accept the challenge by going to Facebook and typing in ‘Columbus Festivus Ride.’











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Two days ago, it was 71 degrees.  Today is probably 40ish.  I think it’s safe to say that those warm-ER days are behind us.  As much as I loathe to admit this b/c I am NOT a fan of winter, I need to face the facts.  So, two days ago, I woke up super early and started my day, super early with the intentions of leaving to take photos of the seasonal bicycle riders around town.

The one thing that constantly bums me out are the amount of bicycle riders, riding on the sidewalk.  How can we change this?  I imagine all time, the idea that if these riders were bike riding on the roads, the impact would show.  Do they even know how important it is to use the roads.  Do they even know that their able to ride in the roads??  How do we empower and give them the confidence needed to ride on the roads instead of the sidewalk?  This is something that always racks my brain.

red on red:

chewing action shot

the simple pleasures of the bicycle:

Riding topless:

Anyone who knows me knows that I do not discriminate when it comes to ALL forms of moving about (sans Petro).  I was happy to catch these lovely ladies enjoying the weather and good conversation while rollin’ through campus:

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Get your asses to the voting polls and VOTE.

This is a quick photo of moi taken right after voting, early this a.m.

These are the cute flats I wore commuting this a.m.


Nuff said:

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Photo taken by Ulises Cruz from our most recent Tweed Ride.  This is what women look like on bicycles.    Imagine this photo with 30 more women on bicycles!  We ARE the influential factor of bicycling.  I want photos like these with more and more ladies and smiles.  It WILL happen.


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Sarah Canner – Founder / Designer of  Vespertine Haute Réflecteur.  While living in Paris, she fell in love with city cycling.  She also experienced close encounters with buses on numerous occasions.  Sarah as proven that  high-visibility and fashion didn’t have to be mutually exclusive and transformed into her first collection.  Here are a couple of her reflective and HOT pieces:

For more info, check out her site:  http://vespertinenyc.com/vision/

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Felt it important enough to share the first of a bunch of covered bike parking shelters that will be installed through out Columbus.  There will be 10 that look just like these and another 10 that will have greenery on top of the roof.  Another step in the right direction.  Let’s keep making bicycling visible to ALL:

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