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Yesterday was not only ‘Car Free’ Day in Columbus, Ohio, it was also the first day back to The Ohio State University and other local Colleges.  I was headed towards the campus area to finish a Bike Shoot that WOSU is filming and I just had to pull over b/c I was jumping out of my saddle with joy at ALL of the bicyclists on the road.  Here are a few:

The two photos above were ‘The Headless Bicycle Riders’  🙂

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So yesterday here in Columbus, Ohio was ‘Car Free’ Day.  I took over an on-stree t parking spot right in front of the Columbus Dispatch.  My main reason…. they are a huge company and can afford to lose a spot for a few hours 🙂  I invited a handful of other Lady Leaders that truly inspire me and make Columbus better, everyday.

I created a makeshift garden and invited:  Maryellen O’Shaughness, Jenny Brodie, Elizabeth Lessner and Jeni Britton Bauer.  They absolutely had a blast and were very thankful for the invite.  I couldn’t have thought of a better way to celebrate an event that needs to happen more than once as well as with amazing women on such an amazing, beautiful day.  We made the Dispatch.  Here are few other photos:

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This past weekend marked another successful and banging Independent Festival.  This festival celebrates the amazing local businesses in this city and how vital they are in making Columbus vibrant and alive.  I helped work our bike parking corral at the fest which a lot of folks were appreciative of.  When our corral was full, you saw bikes locked to any and everything.  This festival was yet ANOTHER indicator that an Open Streets will be a booming success 🙂  Here are some photos of bicycle riders, dressed stylish and chic, coming and going from Independent Fest:


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For the purpose of time and a not so lengthy blog, there are two things I love:  Bicycles …. and Women.  Yes, I purposely have bicycles before women b/c when I see a lady two-wheelin down the street, my eyes immediately go to her ‘stem’ – bike stem that is.  Then I’ll go to what the woman is wearing on the bike.   Any way I look at it, my heart beats a little harder and a little faster when I see another lady riding her bike.  We as women are the ‘indicator species’ of the overall bike-friendliness of a region, as the more of them there are, the more widespread cycling seems to be (Thanks, Anna).

I found a bunch of beautiful lady celebrities on bikes last week and have been dying to post.  They are exactly what I am trying to convey – that biking is a very normal and feasible mode of transportation.  There’s no need to gear up into that spandex/lycra armor.  The more we show biking as an everyday, acceptable mode of transportation, the less we’ll hear on the ‘negative branding’ that has had this constricting hold on bicycle.

I, of course had to begin with my most favorite actress, humanitarian, musician, of them all:

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My dear friend from SF visited me and I of course had a few bikes for her to choose from.  She rode my one speeder (with brakes :)).  My orange Fuji is named Suzette and boy do they complement one another.  My friend really took to wearing ‘normal’ clothing while riding bikes.  It was a new concept for her since she’s use to tour riding.

I’ve also uploaded a photo of myself when I went to SF.  I’m on Valencia St. with a friend of mine.  It was date night for us so wearing a dress on a bike was no problem for me 🙂

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