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This past Friday, the evening was incredible.;  mid 70’s, not a cloud in the sky and bikes…. lots and lots of bikes.  Why on this day as oppose to others??  Well, Aug 26th was Cbus’ First Food Cart Festival – held at The Columbus Commons.  If you were smart, you rolled up to the fest via two wheels and boy did hundreds of people do so!  Bikes were locked up to anything stationary.  Our downtown looked alive…for once!  With all the different kinds of bikes locked up and out on display, it just confirmed once again for me that a Ciclovia WILL happen here and I will continue to work my butt off to make it happen!  Here a few photos of this past Friday- RIDE ON!

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An early morning shot of a lovely lady energized after delicious coffee from Impero Coffee Roasters.

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…nuff said

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I don’t know about you but I like riding in what I would wear on any given day that I”m not on a bike.  So, seeing as how that isn’t really possible (I don’t own a car, anymore), all I do is ride my bike.  I wanted to show that you CAN ride in everyday clothes.  In the coming weeks, I’ll be heading to a handful of shops, talking with owners about how a woman CAN ride in basically anything.

The two main concerns why women don’t ride as often as men are:

Safety and Clothing.  I get the safety thing.  I do 98% of my commuting on city roads and its usually alone.  You may say I’m an ‘experienced’ rider but I still get nervous – some days more than others.  We are working hard in Columbus to get more road treatments for bicyclists.  The people in charge, making the decisions given there’s budget, know that without better road treatments, the ‘interested but concerned’ bike riders WILL NOT RIDE.  The ‘interested but concerned’ riders are the riders that want to use their bikes for groceries, dropping books off at the library, dinner by bike,  getting hair cuts, taking their kids to school, etc. but lack of road treatments prevent this from happening.  We NEED these people riding on a regular basis.  They are critical.

Now… for the clothing.  I can at least provide a few photos that were taken of me this past week.  It shows me in heels, dresses, button-up shirts, etc.  If there are questions out there you want to ask me, please feel free.  Otherwise, enjoy the couple of photos and be on the look out for up and coming blog articles on showing women that 97% of your wardrobe is bikeable.  I left out those leather, ass-less chaps that some may have hidden in the dark cob-webs of your closets 🙂

Here’s an up close of me taken by my co worker.

The next one you can see is my full outfit.  Skirt, flat sole shoes and the button-up shirt.  And if you know me, I always have to add a pop of color with my outfits.  I LOVE color hence the hot pink bandana 🙂

This next photo, I took while riding.  My skirt wasn’t flying up in the air.  Even if it did, I always ride with a thin pair of shorts underneath.  They are airy and sometimes I forget that I’m wearing them.  Definitely, a recommendation.

This last shot is of myself (right side) and my awesome co-worker Jody.  We were on our way to a Pecha Kucha event at Junctionview.  We decked out our bikes with weaving glo-sticks in the spokes as well as winding Elwire around our frames.  Elwire is SUPER cheap and can be purchase on Amazon, Ebay, etc.  They come in ALL sorts of fun colors.  Jody had orange and red and I had purple.  They were a HIT!  I think a night time ‘GLO’ ride is in our near future.

For the clothing, you can see both of us in heels.  Jody is wearing a dress and I have on a fun outfit with a few layers.  Its everyday wear.   And yes,  that is an Audrey Hepburn bag I have on my shoulder 🙂

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The fantastic Mikael Colville – Anderson of copenhagencyclechic took these photos recently for a shoot and I just had to share.  I pop on this site whenever I need to be uplifted.  This is a way of life in which I’d love to live.

The fact that so many women ride overseas is something we need to work on here in the States.  We, women are such a critical component of bicycling.  We help create the vision of safety and of course…  chic 🙂  There’s nothing more fun than riding in a skirt with heels!  I wanted to post a couple of photos that I love.  The ‘Slow Bicycle Movement’ will be the movement needed to create the impact mode-shift that we need.  This movement is about the journey…not the destination!

If women can ride in anything there, we need to continue to prove that the same goes here.  Enjoy these beauties.

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Here are a few of my favorite bike racks in Cbus.  Why are they my favorite??  Because they are the most unique and most visually appealing in my city.  For some reason, Cbus can’t seem to venture out of its ‘Conservative’ smaller bike racks like the boring, black, upside-down ‘U’ or the hitch.  For GOD sake people, make it fun!  Make it colorful!   We were recently voted #8 on the Creative Cities Vitality Index then let us SHOW our creative bike racks! ( I am working on this)  Cbus needs to stand out.

Here at the Production Kitchen of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, displays such a beautiful picture.  Colorful, fun, visual bike racks AND, they’re friggin FULL!  They are ALWAYS like this b/c so many of us ride to work whether we’re in the kitchen, making the best ice cream in the country or we’re at the shops.  Yes, I work to get people on bikes and at night I work here in the production kitchen, making the best ice cream that’ll ever hit your taste buds!

Jeni’s plans on putting in these bike racks at all of their locations… eventually.

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Its a couple weeks late but wanted to post a few photos of our recent and successful Bike Columbus Fest.  Maybe next year, we can do things a bit and unwind with a beer or two at the end of one of our events.  This was a common suggestion from quite a few of the riders and I completely agree.  There’s nothing better than socially riding for a couple hours and then enjoying the summer evening with good, local food and a libation.

Just a taste showing all kinds of riders who happily gathered to celebrate the two wheeled movement.

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