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I did really well this past weekend and didn’t take massive amounts of photos of bikes but…  I thought it 🙂  This weekend was the city’s annual Comfest.  It’s a weekend filled with local vendors, seven stages of nonstop music, food and all the people watching your hearts desire.

There were bikes parked, EVERYWHERE – attached to every and anything that was bolted to the ground.  It was quite a beautiful sight.  Here are a couple of photos I caught while on my way to my annual volunteer shift:


An amazing photo of Pedal Instead’s Bike Corral.  This is a Ciclovia waiting to happen!




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I received this about an hr ago, love it.

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Ride with Pride

This weekend Cbus had our Annual Pride Festivities and despite the up and down weather, chic riders were all over the place.  I was a kid in a candy store with all the riders, joyfully riding about.  I wish riders did this all the time, every day b/c those streets would SURELY be safer and I’m sure infrastructure would happen sooner than later – hint, hint 🙂  Enjoy the photos and keep riding, everyone!

Need many, many more of these photos of families.  Very European.  This lovely lady lives downtown and commutes on a daily basis.  I was so happy I caught her.

Coincidence or not that the Jeni’s Ice Cream Truck just happened to be in the behind view…???  🙂

Happy fella with happy hair

A little Pattycake Delivery

I see this gal and her beaut of a frame, everywhere.  I’ll stop her sometime and introduce myself.

When in doubt, utilize the friendly pedicabs.  A great bunch of folks!

Tall bikes and hinge bikes – FTW!

Thought this is a fitting ending to this blog.  So happy and colorful and very Short North-y

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Zoot, Suit!

A friend in the Mayor’s Office sent this to me.  She loves Cbus Cycle Chic!  She got a photo of the Mayor, stylin CHIC with a bike so I thought I’d share it to you all.  Now the questions remains… did he actually mount the bike and pedal?

We sure do know this snazzy fella did!  ROCK that orange!

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Market 2 Market

A bit delayed but I’ll be updating some posts on here as well 🙂  We had a very successful Market to Market Ride.  This is one of my favorite annual rides.  Close to 500 riders signed up and either began at The Hills Market in Worthington and rode down to The North Market or began at The North Market and rode down to The Hills Market.  Nothing beats supporting numerous local businesses 🙂

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