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This blog is for all the quaintrelles!  Ladies fear not, below I’ve got the basic tweedspiration for April 30th’s Tweed Ride.   The key for my ladies – mix.  With a few artistic layers and splashes of vintage nuance, you’ll be ready to hit the pedals in style!

I’ll have one of each, please!  Ruffled blouses, jackets, dresses and vests are what you want to look for.  Plaid and argyle are also a plus if you can find.  Remember, you want to dress for comfort.  Lord knows that wearing a Victorian lace gown ending at the ankles – while chic, isn’t exactly the most rider friendly.  If the weather’s chilly throw on a pair of fun tights which will ‘pop’ your outfit even more.

Hats and gloves.  No need to go full out Derby hat but something vintage that can draw attention to you – fantastic.  Capelet’s, if you can find them, they are great for showing off the shoulders.  I bet you can find some fantastic vintage at Emperor’s Closet, Rag O’ Rama and believe it or not, I’ve always had good ‘ju ju’ at Ohio Village Thrift, off of Cleveland Ave.

Pedal your best foot forward with a pair of pumps or boots.  I’m particularly partial to half calf boots.

Finish off your outfit with a vintage brooch, patterned scarf , pearls and the ‘proper topper’ for your head.

Ladies – make it your own!  Be creative, as I know we are creative forces that can’t be messed with!  Happy Tweeding.

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I will be composing a two-part blog regarding tips and the basics of Tweed.  Part 1 will be for the men.  Based upon my readings, men will fall into two categories:

Category 1: The traditionalist.  This gent relishes in the finer things: knickers, pipes, leather, and barrel-aged whiskey.

Category 2: The guy that looks in his closet thinking, ‘I think I have a tweed vest somewhere in here.’

The basics for men consist of the following: fitted blazers (herringbone, newbury tweed, etc), sleeveless vests, three-piece suits, slim dark jeans, fitted chinos or trousers and my favorite (even as a lady), the knickerbockers.

Lastly – accessorize!  The point of this ride is to have fun with the old stuff.  Wear a scarf under your blazer or your over your sweater vest.  Wear fun socks or wear a fun cabbie hat or  walking cap.

Have fun and remember… don’t think of it as a costume.

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There she blows!!

CCC and SBB partnered this morning and we met up for the 1st Annual Indie Record Store Ride and boy what a wild day it was!  There were about 9 of us who warrior-ed it through the crazy winds and pseudo tsunami today.  All n all, good times with the folks who showed up!

Nice crowd here at the wonderful Spoonful Records.

Yep…  those are pinball machines….in the record store 🙂

Matt I think won here – Laverne &Shirley, Dolly,Babs and Annie Lenox.

Mike Brown and Jim Coleman with their Jeff Buckley Records 🙂  And we’re off to the next record store.

Carrie checking us in at Magnolia Thunderpussy.  Post pseudo tsunami we endured…

This is Paul with his pretty Velo Orange.  He’ll be participating in the end of the month Tweed Ride 🙂

CHICsters Eric and Carrie checking us in for lunch @ Surly.  Thanks Surly Girl for the ‘CCC and SBB’ ride discount!

Lovely and funny ladies out on the town.

Sister was very happy to be surprised with her first bike in quite some time.  Another CHICster hits the roads of Cbus.

Thought I’d end this post with a beautiful shot of 3rd St. in German Village.  Nothing like Spring blossoms.  I love my neighborhood.

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Rocket Science…. Not Here

Today’s blog is about re-purposed materials:  Simple and Effective.  Using old meter posts and making them visually appealing for bike parking is a ‘no brain-er’ and cost effective!

The design above is so amazingly genius that I am currently researching to replicate since I have been unsuccessful in finding to order.  This tool attaches to your seat post near your rear tire and then it dispenses chalk!!  Its a wonderful advocacy tool to show where riders are riding!  I absolutely LOVE this tool.

Look how beautiful!!!!  If anyone finds where I can purchase this, please email me!  I want these markings down 3rd and 4th St!!!!

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Gimme a beat!

I was taking photos of the wonderful graffiti / wall art around cbus and when I looked back to my photos, I noticed I caught the parked bike in the right corner.  Thought it was lovely and perfect for the blog 🙂

If only pictures had sound.  This dude had a boom box in his crate!  So, while circling Schiller Park for exercise, he was bumpin to some tunes!

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