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I wanted to dedicate today’s posting to the beautiful and talented Liz Taylor.  Aside from her amazing work in movies, she was also an extroadinaire when it came to her Humanitarian efforts, specifically AIDS.

This photo couldn’t be more perfect.  RIP Liz.

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Rolling in the Deep

Wanted to just share a few pics of women riders back in the day.  Even way back when – they were riding chic.

Maybe a themed ride is somewhere in these photos???  🙂

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Spring has arrived!

Need I say more with this photo?  Pure happiness that Spring is here!

Very spring like outfit here where we met up at the Statehouse.  This was one of a handful of stops we made through the day while we were ‘researching’ our city for possible bike treatments.

This guy was stylin fo sho!  His green rim and chain were a perfect fit seeing that it was St. Patty’s Day.

It was a day of fixies.  I love how bikes are becoming more of an extension of people’s personalities!

I love color and apparently, so does she.

I loved seeing more riders out.  I have a feeling our city is going to explode with Chic riders this year.

I’m all about whorin these guys out so folks don’t drink and drive!  Yay for the petti-cabs!

And if you had a friend that had a bike like this, why wouldn’t you wanna ride CHIC down the street on this??!!?

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Let Me Ride

So I recently got back from the National Bike Summit in D.C.  It was incredible.  This gal’s orange bike caught my eyes along with her chic boots!  You can’t really see her boots but she’s mos def got them on!

Stopped at a light on 11th.  Folks of all backgrounds were on bikes in D.C.  Another reason why I fell in love with the city.

This gal just got off the Metro and I saw her going to her bike.  I waited for her to get to her bike, I was super stalky in getting this photo yet she was very nice.

Waiting at one of the many lights on the cycle track – down Pennsylvania Ave.

A rider using one of the many bikes via D.C’s very successful bike share program.

Heading to her job on her Hybrid.  Her basket makes for the perfect storage.

I got to speak with this rider throughout the morning.  That’s her new bike that she got for a steal!  She’s moving and shakin in all things ‘bikes’ in D.C.

I’m a sucker for color so of course her bike yelled ‘take a pic of me’!  I was trying to figure out what kind of frame she has…anyone?

Argyles = Winning!

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Love Like a Sunset

Quick snap prior to heading into a recently held Transportation Infrastructure Hearing at the Statehouse.  Us cyclists didn’t give testimony at this hearing however, our presence gave its own testimony.

A bit blurry but those pretty lime green rims caught my attention.

This gentleman was ready for the cold.  Doesn’t he look snug?

These cyclists were part of a couple protests this past weekend down at the Statehouse.  A busy Saturday morning for the politically active.

I liked both the creativity of the parking of these bikes and of course..  the spoke cards 🙂  Way to go!

Setting the tone prior to hitting the pavement.  Advice – Phoneix’ ‘Wolfgang Amadeus’ is great biking music!

These two parked bikes look like they’re on a date together – I love the visual in my head.  The pic below this is going to show how I want my next ‘date night’ to be like:

Voila!  Two stylish women riding bikes!  I snagged this on ‘Copenhagen Cycle Chic’ b/c I just love that the people over there ride for the journey…not the destination 🙂  Cbus will get there… eventually 🙂

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