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keepin it local

Local neighborhood pub was last night’s destination for bike enthusiasts.  We gathered to support a new bike co-op which opened up in the Franklinton area.  The benefit was a HUGE success!  The Frankenbike aka ‘Keg Bike’

Proper lighting – check.  Waiting for the light to turn green – check.  No reckless riders here.

A side view of the Frankenbike WITH keg, currently in route.  Thanks Elevator Brewery for the Dark Horse Donation 🙂

I think this is just one of the most absolutely gorgeous pictures I found.  This is the Danish cycling.


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Spring definitely reared her head on this day.  This fellow was cruising with his shirt matching his handlebars and top frame.  Thumbs up for the color coordination!

Biking home from a day of window washing.

Enjoying the unexpected February warmth, this rider was in no hurry to get home.

So I recently made a trip to Los Angeles and had to revisit Venice.  I love the diversity that Venice attracts.  These guys’ bikes were covered in pink furry fantastic-ness so you know they were blog worthy 🙂

The boardwalk on Venice completely over stimulated me b/c of all the bikers!  This is my Utopia.  Anyone else thinking that this picture is delicious??

I love the color orange so needless to say when I saw this bike, I jostled for my camera quickly.  Perfect beach cruiser bike, eh?

This kids bike was rad.  He had to be no more than 13 or 14yrs old.  I would love to see more kids here in Columbus personalize their bikes to where they’d ride them more.

Nothing like ending the perfect day with an image like this.  Nuff said.

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‘Hello, Linus.’

A Linus in all her fancy-ness.

This is right outside LAX Airport.  As you can see, it’s an extended ‘bike’ rack.  An idea I plan to share with our City.

Living in Ohio, New Belgium Beers aren’t distributed here so whenever I’m on the west coast, I drink as much as possible 🙂  I heart New Belgium Brewing Company!  Talk about the ‘Google’ of beers.

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