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Stay tuned…

Currently gathering photos of cbus chic.  Its pretty desolate out there.  We’re nothing like Copenhagen with hundreds of thousands of winter chic-ness at your fingertips.

Meanwhile – feast your eyes on this fun photo.  Nothing like burning calories to hit up ‘curds and suds.’

Beer, cheese and bread; yes, please!

I see these bikes all the time when I walk home from work.  Commuters working at G Michaels… I dig.

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On his way home for the evening, Jim makes sure he’s as noticeable as possible.  Not only does he have the proper lighting on the front and back of his Paul Frank, he also has decorative xmas lights mounted.  Way to make it fun, Jim!

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Microphone check

So, I’m beginning ‘Cbus Cycle Chic.’

It’s all about what the everyday rider wears while riding their bike.  I’ve become a bit obsessed with the original website and have been discussing with a close cycling friend of mine, how I’ve wanted to start a similar ‘cycle chic’ here in Columbus, Ohio and here I begin 🙂

The first pic of many to come… I hope 🙂

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